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From Simon MacDonald <>
Subject Re: [Android] Explicitly writing to the jail
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2012 17:17:01 GMT
We did at that. I was kinda resurrecting that discussion as a way of
migrating us to the internal storage on Android in such a way that our
users will have time to get used to it.

Another issue is being able to read files from the Android asset
directory using the File API but that is a whole other thread.

Simon Mac Donald

On Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 12:14 PM, Filip Maj <> wrote:
> I think we had talked about a LocalFileSystem.APP target a while back:
> On 12/7/12 6:29 AM, "Simon MacDonald" <> wrote:
>>Hey all,
>>There is no reason why the FileWriter can't write to
>>/data/data/com.yourappnamespace/ in fact it does quite well. The root
>>cause of the problem, if I can read between the lines, is that there
>>is no good way for the app developer to find this directory without
>>doing some hard coding of the path.
>>Here is my proposal for moving forward while not abandoning our
>>current user base. Please bear with me as it will not be W3C standard
>>but it will get there.
>>1) Add a new LocalFileSystem type called APP: LocalFileSystem.APP
>>2) When you do a window.requestFileSystem() with the APP type the path
>>for the root directory should be "/data/data/com.yourappspacename/" on
>>Android, a similar path on BB and on iOS is should return the same
>>value as what you get when asking for a PERSISTENT file system.
>>3) Announce the hell out of the fact that PERSISTENT will become APP
>>in 6 months.
>>4) In May/June (PhoneGap 3.0 anyone) finally make it so requesting the
>>PERSISTENT or APP file system will give you the same path.
>>What do you think?
>>Also, if we move to writing everything to the "jail" then we will need
>>a solution where the developer will want to launch an intent to handle
>>a file from that directory. That can be a problem since the "jail" is
>>not accessible to other apps. We can set the file to be world readable
>>but then we'd need to provide a facility to allow them to control the
>>file permissions. Just something to think about.
>>Simon Mac Donald
>>On Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 4:22 PM, Joe Bowser <> wrote:
>>> Hey
>>> I'm looking at the FileWriter API and I have no idea how we could
>>> explicitly write to the app jail on Android
>>> (/data/data/com.yourappnamespace/).  I feel like our FileWriter is
>>> pretty dated and that we should re-evaluate how it works, since many
>>> devices don't use SD Cards anymore for their storage due to the limit
>>> on SD Card storage?  Also, it'd be good to allow users to have
>>> persistant, protected storage that other apps can't mess with.
>>> Thoughts?
>>> Joe

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