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From Jesse MacFadyen <>
Subject Re: wp8 licensing issues
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2012 03:01:52 GMT
Done, done and done.


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On 2012-12-06, at 5:47 PM, Marcel Kinard <> wrote:

I took a look at wp8 and came across the following licensing issues (2.3.0rc1):

- most of the source files in plugins/www/plugins/ don't have the
Apache license header. And there are multiple instances where there is
a reference to an MIT license with an attribution to Jesse / Sergey /
Nitobi / PhoneGap.
- plugins/www/plugins/Facebook/FBConnect.js has a comment indicating
some contributions came from a blog. I don't see any license info on
the blog. Are there parts in that js file that need to be rewritten to
not infringe? It does not appear to be a straight copy-and-paste.

Could the ones above get taken care of before final 2.3.0?

Not a license issue, but I also noticed the following that may need a tweak:
- templates/vspackage/source.extension.vsixmanifest says WP7 instead
of WP8, and references a github repo that still has "incubator" in the
- similar "incubator" URL in tests/

I would have gotten distracted on something more fun if Apache git was
still up...  ;-)

-- Marcel Kinard

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