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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Fast edit-refresh cycles
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2012 23:37:14 GMT
Dude: awesome!

My answers in-line:

>2. Manually adding the <script> tags to include every new plugin is really
>lame. I propose a unified file, plugins.js or similar, that's always
>included in the index.html. Every time you add or remove a plugin, the
>Javascript files for all the plugins are concatenated into this file.
>are likely some problems with this approach. Inserting/removing the
><script> tags from the index page is also an option, though it requires
>more clever scripts.

Can you elaborate more on this? I don't understand.

>3. Setting the start page manually on every platform sucks. I think this
>should be a value in config.xml that gets set on cordova build. Obviously
>that requires 1. to be fixed, but we'll get there soon.

Yes, there is config.xml prior art for this:

We should file issues to add support for this.

Thanks for forking + contributing to cordova-client, stoked to see more
contributors in there! Related: once we migrate to our new git repos we
should get a new one set up for cordova-client.

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