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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: RIM/BlackBerry folk: please help
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2012 22:38:05 GMT
That's not what happens though.

When I create a fresh project, the name and version are always the same.

When I run the signing via node, it fails.

Then I'll CD into this exact same project folder and run the signing
manually. It works.

I'll also create a new project manually with that same version and app
name. If I sign it via command line it works. If I do it via my node
script it fails.

On 11/14/12 2:32 PM, "Tim Kim" <> wrote:

>The reason why you keep getting signing failures even with a fresh project
>is that you already did it once. ie, in your config.xml, the widget
>is set to "" and the name attribute is "cordovaExample". So the
>first time should work, but every new fresh project there after will have
>the same values.
>I would recommend updating the version number every time you deploy and
>worry about that debug-token business -  I've never used it.
>Timothy Kim

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