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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: [BlackBerry] launch app from command line?
Date Fri, 09 Nov 2012 23:56:42 GMT
Yeah that worked awesome. Silly me for trying BB 7 ;)

Nukul (or anyone for that matter), one more quick question: any way to
accomplish the following:

- get a list of connected BlacKBerry devices (only playbook / bb10 is fine)
- determine which one is a playbook and which one is a bb10 ?

On 11/9/12 3:26 PM, "Nukul Bhasin" <> wrote:

>Not possible for BlackBerry os 6 or 7
>You can do it for pb and bb10 using BlackBerry-deploy
>From: Tim Kim
>Reply To:
>*Re: [BlackBerry] launch app from command line?*
>2012-11-09 6:18:09 PM
>I talked to Fil over IM about this and here were some points I came up
>- pretty sure just doing ./cordova/debug on bb10/playbook will auto launch
>- not sure what to do for bb 6/7 - ./cordova/debug will install onto
>but not launch it
>- also updating an app of bb 6/7 reboots the device which could be
>problematic for testing new changes without a human involved
>On 9 November 2012 15:04, Filip Maj wrote:
>> I can successfully package and deploy an app to a device.
>> I am now looking to launch it from my command line. I am working on the
>> cordova CI setup.
>> I dug around for some articles but couldn't find anything. Tim / Gord /
>> Ken / any other RIM lurkers around that could potentially set up?
>> I am interested in all flavors of BlackBerry: OS 6-7, PlayBook, or BB10.
>> Command-line launching for any/all of these would be rad.
>> Thx in advance for any help / pointers.
>> Fil
>Timothy Kim

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