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From Braden Shepherdson <>
Subject Fast edit-refresh cycles
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2012 22:53:32 GMT
So for the last while I've been working on making the edit-refresh cycle
faster when one is working on the web part of a Cordova app. We can't do
much about the native side, but there must be a faster way than saving the
code, switching to Eclipse/Xcode, rebuilding and deploying.

There are two parts to the approach:

Part 1: Refresh plugin

This is launched at . It's a
Javascript-only plugin that inserts an absolutely-positioned "refresh"
button at the top-right corner of your app. Clicking it does a Javascript
refresh of the page.

This obviously doesn't work if you're loading the same files from the local
device, so we need a server to point it at.

Part 2: cordova serve

I've added a new command to cordova-client, called cordova serve. This
takes a platform and optional port (default 8000) and runs a simple node.js
web server. Then you can point your app at your dev machine and test
changes quickly.

cordova serve android
cordova serve ios 9001

One interesting thing here is the "search paths". When you ask this server
for a file, it looks first in your $PROJECT/www. If it finds the file, it
responds with that. If it doesn't, it looks in the platform's www
directory. This allows you to easily have platform-specific files: give
them the same name and you'll magically get the right one at runtime.

The new 0.1.13 version of cordova-client on npm has this code, so update
your local copy with
npm install -g cordova


There are some pain points here that I'd like to address over the next few
weeks, and want to see what the community thinks about them.

1. Most immediately, iOS doesn't support remote URLs, only files. This is
being worked on by mmocny in time for 2.3.0.

2. Manually adding the <script> tags to include every new plugin is really
lame. I propose a unified file, plugins.js or similar, that's always
included in the index.html. Every time you add or remove a plugin, the
Javascript files for all the plugins are concatenated into this file. There
are likely some problems with this approach. Inserting/removing the
<script> tags from the index page is also an option, though it requires
more clever scripts.

3. Setting the start page manually on every platform sucks. I think this
should be a value in config.xml that gets set on cordova build. Obviously
that requires 1. to be fixed, but we'll get there soon.

Any thoughts, suggestions, objections?

Happy refreshing!


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