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From Gord Tanner <>
Subject Attempting to add debug token support for building on PlayBook
Date Thu, 22 Nov 2012 19:37:21 GMT
I added debug token support to working on BB10 for cordova and would like
to do the same with playbook but I have the following problem:

Output of cordova build script when running 'ant playbook debug-device'

[exec] Info: Debug token created.
     [exec] Info: Sending request: Install and Launch
     [exec] Info: Action: Install and Launch
     [exec] Info: File size: 2269
     [exec] Info: Installing debug.token.gYABgBzNRmtRA7cXnit_yEsmdx4...
     [exec] Info: Processing 2269 bytes
     [exec] actual_dname::debug.token.gYABgBzNRmtRA7cXnit_yEsmdx4
     [exec] actual_id::gYABgBzNRmtRA7cXnit_yEsmdx4
     [exec] actual_version::
     [exec] result::success
     [exec] Info: Launching debug.token.gYABgBzNRmtRA7cXnit_yEsmdx4...
     [exec] result::Invalid
     [exec] Info: done
     [exec] [INFO]       Parsing command line options
     [exec] [INFO]       Parsing
     [exec] [INFO]       Validating WebWorks archive
     [exec] [INFO]       Parsing config.xml
     [exec] [INFO]       Populating application source
     [exec] [INFO]       Compiling WebWorks application
     [exec] [INFO]       Packaging the bar file
     [exec] [INFO]       Bar packaging complete
     [exec] [INFO]       WebWorks application packaging complete
     [exec] Info: Sending request: Install and Launch
     [exec] Info: Action: Install and Launch
     [exec] Info: File size: 510530
     [exec] Info: Installing
     [exec] Info: Processing 510530 bytes
     [exec] actual_dname::
     [exec] actual_id::
     [exec] actual_version::
     [exec] result::failure 881 application author does not match debug
token author

The value in my config.xml <author> tag is Gord Tanner, which is the same
displayed for the debug token author shown on the playbook.

The ant script I am using is:

<!-- install debug token" -->
+    <macrodef name="generate-debug-token">
+        <sequential>
+            <exec executable="${blackberry-debugtokenrequest}" dir="."
+                <arg value="-storepass" />
+                <arg value="${properties.playbook.sigtool.csk.password}" />
+                <arg value="-deviceID" />
+                <arg value="0x${}" />
+                <arg file="${properties.qnx.bbwp.dir}/" />
+            </exec>
+            <exec executable="${blackberry-deploy}" dir="."
+                <arg value="-installApp" />
+                <arg value="-launchApp" />
+                <arg value="-device" />
+                <arg value="${properties.playbook.device.ip}" />
+                <arg value="-password" />
+                <arg value="${properties.playbook.device.password}" />
+                <arg value="-package" />
+                <arg file="${properties.qnx.bbwp.dir}/" />
+            </exec>
+        </sequential>
+    </macrodef>

Has anyone come across this before?

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