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From Shazron <>
Subject Re: InAppBrowser api questions
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2012 09:58:16 GMT
> I spent some time playing with how to do this.
> 1 - Use referer header - Too many situations result in no header, so this
> is out!
> 2 - Use Cookies - if there were a way to have UIWebViews use separate
> cookie jars, this might be feasible. Don't think that's possible.
> 3 - Use User-Agent - this is already suggested in CB-1695. I also found
> this:
> ,
> which suggests that this is what Chrome for iOS uses to implement incognito
> mode. If they can make it work, then we should be able to as well!
> So, this is looking like it's non-trivial but not impossible! As long as
> it's possible, let's implement it :)
Looks like it may be possible in CB-1695 as you mentioned -- so we can
finish InAppBrowser with this one failing case until it is implemented. I
can look into this further once I finish the InAppBrowser integration.

> I don't think the semantics of _parent and _blank really map well to what
>  we're doing. My vote is to create a new special value: _system, and only
> this target kicks you out to the system browser.
> Also: on the wiki we have:
> [F]'', '_blank'); // native browser
> It seems weird to me that the effect of _blank changes based on whether the
> URL is in the whitelist. I'd think this case would also open in the
> InAppBrowser.
> Summary of what I think:
> _self or no target --> open in cordova webview if it's in the Whitelist,
> InAppBrowser otherwise
> _system --> open in system browser
> anything else --> open in InAppBrowser
> Also, I like Simon's idea of using the options in to specify
> whether to show URL bar etc. :)

I agree, we need a new value "_system" as you suggested, as well as the
other parts of the summary of your changes -- makes more sense, and if used
in another context -- it will just work as expected. I can make the wiki
changes unless others have more comments.

We can definitely add the window options as well, for sure!

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