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From Nukul Bhasin>
Subject Re: InAppBrowser api questions
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
There is no API it will just work: )

You can disable it if you want

Next release some time November

From: Gord Tanner
Reply To:
*Re: InAppBrowser api questions*
2012-11-09 6:02:52 PM


When is the next release? I will create a jira to track looking into
getting the child browser plugin working for Cordova once the bb10 API is

On 2012-11-09, at 3:24 PM, Nukul Bhasin wrote:

> BB10 WebWorks implements something similar. It will be a part of the next
> release
> here is the definition for what we implemented for BB10
> On Fri, Nov 9, 2012 at 12:43 PM, Shazron wrote:
>> WIki page:
>> Some questions brought up by Jesse in JIRA (replicated below):
>> ----------------------------------------------------
>> Jesse MacFadyen:
>> I have some open questions about the wiki defined 'spec'
>> 1.'', '_self'); // loads in
>> so even though the random-url is not whitelisted, it is permitted to
>> load within the application, inside the InAppBrowser. This is currently
>> trivial on iOS.
>> 2. How can I open a whitelisted url in the native browser? ie. mobile
>> safari
>> there is no clear path to targeting ALL 3 possibilities or a)the app
>> page, b) the InAppBrowser, c) the system browser ( for a whitelisted URL
>> it makes sense that you cannot open a file:// url in the system browser
>> + you cannot open a non-whitelisted url in the app.
>> ----------------------------------------------------
>> My comments:
>> 1. This as Jesse points out, is not trivial on iOS. The "easy way" would
>> to not allow this, but kick it out to the system browser (Mobile Safari),
>> and have that as a general rule, any non-whitelisted URLs for the
>> InAppBrowser are kicked out to the system browser. I don't know how hard
>> is for Android.
>> If we were to do this, we would have to temporarily allow the url to
>> the whitelist which could be kludgy (since we can't know what other URLs
>> that URL will load) -- essentially this issue
>> totally solve this correctly, but
>> we don't have a solution yet for
>> that issue.
>> 2. This case has not been addressed. I would think _blank would be the
>> but this is specified as the InAppBrowser here. How about this case, we
>> could use _parent for InAppBrowser, but _blank for system browser?
>> this would not be consistent with how the other calls are specified
>> we change the others to be consistent).
>> Another possible solution is to kick out to the system browser if an
>> unknown value is used (some random value), that will use the system
>> browser, which is consistent with how works.
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