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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Camera API error codes?
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2012 18:40:59 GMT
So, our camera API doesn't have error codes. Per the docs, it returns a
string [1]. Gnarly.

The strings are also all different across platforms. Android [2] and iOS
[3] (search for "error").

For extra-good times, BlackBerry-webworks-java [4] does not ever return an
error, except in the case where the file is deemed "too big" [5]. So, if
the camera app is closed, we don't return an error code back to the user
for this platform, which is different from iOS + Android.

BlackBerry-webworks-air registers JS-based callbacks using the BB HTML5
transport API [6]. Unfortunately I can't find documentation about what
kind of parameters are passed into the error callbacks (anyone from RIM
help me out?). Finally, if the camera is closed, no callback gets invoked
either [7], which is at odds with Android + iOS.

BlackBerry 10 implementation [8] no-ops the onCancel and onInvoke
callbacks as well, which again, is at odds.


Proposal: add error codes.


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