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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Ripple Emulator CLI
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2012 02:13:23 GMT
BTW this is awesome.. Once its at a shippable state ill add this to the
cordova cli dependencies and we can rock ripple as an emulate fallback (or
even default) :D

On 10/13/12 12:01 PM, "Dan Silivestru" <> wrote:

>Hi All,
>Thought I would share some of what we've been up to on Ripple with the
>group here, since I think it could mesh really well with the CLI work
>that's being done for Cordova.
>We've been working on a CLI for Ripple. All work can be found in this
>It's not on npm yet as we have to work through some internal processes to
>make that happen and there already is a ripple npm package out there
>(hopefully we can sort thing out, or we might go with
>But you can easily install the CLI by doing the following:
>1. clone our repo and checkout the server.cli branch
>2. run ./configure
>3. run jake
>4. npm install -g pkg/rim.cli (in the future that will be npm install -g
>ripple OR npm install -g ripple-cli)
>5. accept the EULA (url points to the wrong spot right now, this is a work
>in progress :) )
>6. type in: ripple help
>7. play around :-)
>Would really love to get the community's feedback on this and see if there
>might also be some interest in adding a command to the cordova CLI...
>something along these lines:
>cordova test [--port xxxx] [--path pathToTest]
>The idea is that this will enable an http server over the current dir or
>the specified path and Ripple will auto enable once the provided URL is
>pasted into Chrome.
>Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts.
>Dan Silivestru
>+1 (519) 589-3624

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