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From "Alessandro Preziosi (licnep)" <>
Subject Re: firing more ontouchmove javascript events on android? Higher resolution / precision for ontouchmove?
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2012 00:28:18 GMT
>>There's also something strange in how the webview updates during touch
>>events. For example, i have animated a loading icon (using
>>window.setInterval), and if you touch the screen during the animation
>>it freezes, it is not updated anymore, it only starts moving again
>>when you lift your finger...
>That's really odd.  It's possible that it thinks you selected it.
>Does it get an orange border around it?
it doesn't, it looks like a system wide problem, it also happens with
my browser (dolphin browser) and the default one. If you try to go on
pages with animations (eg:  or ), you can that see the animations stop if you put
your finger on the screen and start moving it around (if you just
touch the problem doesn't happen, only if you 'drag'). It's a bit of
an annoying issue when trying to build native looking apps... hope it
gets fixed, or a workaround is found

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