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From Joe Bowser <>
Subject Re: firing more ontouchmove javascript events on android? Higher resolution / precision for ontouchmove?
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2012 23:44:32 GMT
On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 4:30 PM, Alessandro Preziosi (licnep)
<> wrote:
>>Either way I bet if the events were buffered we could get better
>>resolution which would be a win ---- I think Joe was looking at
>>something similar last year.
> Yea that'd be great, (android already batches touch events itself
> (MotionEvent.getHistoricalX(int,int)) )
>>Can we get more information on this issue? For example, which version
>>of Android are you trying this out on? That might help explain what's
>>going on with touch events, since the issue I was finding was with
>>multitouch going in as two single touches on Android 2.x, not the
>>performance of the touches being passed to WebKit.
> I'm testing on an android 2.3.6 (galaxy s plus), but i've tried on
> other phones too. (btw, i think you're right about multi touch events
> and android 2.x going as a single touch). and I'm currently using
> cordova 2.0.0.

It's a fact.  Zoom is totally faked on Android's WebView.  There is a
shim that someone implemented to give Android 2.x WebView multitouch,
but we haven't seriously looked into porting it into Cordova, since it
would be an lot of work, and it may not work with our current
CordovaWebView approach.  Have you tested on an ICS or Jellybean
Android Device?

> There's also something strange in how the webview updates during touch
> events. For example, i have animated a loading icon (using
> window.setInterval), and if you touch the screen during the animation
> it freezes, it is not updated anymore, it only starts moving again
> when you lift your finger...

That's really odd.  It's possible that it thinks you selected it.
Does it get an orange border around it?

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