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From Michal Mocny <>
Subject Notice: Notification of work on Notifications
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2012 15:11:15 GMT
Hi All!

Notifications seem to be an important and popular feature, but the plugins
we have in the phonegap-plugin repo are a bit of a mess.  I was hoping to
take a stab at fixing that.

I figured I'de start by figuring out where we are at today, and open up
discussions for where we want to be.

(What follows is just what I've discovered so far, as I (mis)understand
it.  Please correct any mistakes)


   - *Local Notifications*
      - System timers/alarms that can be set up to fire [periodically] in
      order to poke your app with some intent
      - No UI requirements, I think, just a "wake from sleep" feature
   - *StatusBar Notifications*
      - That awesome bar at the top: you can set up an icon, supply
      ticker-text, and/or configure drop down notification window items
      - Notifications may use sound/vibration/flashing lights to attract
      the attention of user when phone isn't in use
      - Users clicking notification window items will poke your app with
      some intent
      - Lots of features, vary between systems
   - *Push Notifications*
      - External cloud services send messages to your device in response to
      some server action/stimulus
      - Once a push arrives, action should likely be some combination of
      Local/StatusBar Notifications, but there are system limitations


   - Identify whats possible on each platform (initially android/ios)
   - Unify the api across platforms (as much as possible)
   - Use w3c spec for when possible:
      - (or maybe not this one..)
   - Organize plugin documentation, and write up a single unified guide
   describing the various pieces and provide simple example
   - Potentially: prepare for move to core plugin, though that is not a
   direct goal

*Current state of the world: *(s/the world/phonegap-plugins/)


   - *LocalNotifications*
   - Needs documentation fixup
      - 6 months since proper update, but the code looks fine (at first
   - *PushNotifications*
   - Seems well maintained (Max Ogden +more)
      - Inspired by UA implementation (below) but seems to have a more
      robust api
      - Note from Max: no need for explicit notification api when app is in
      background but do when app is in foreground
   - *UAPushNotifications*
   - Urban Airship (
      - We have no local implementation, just a TODO in repro, but found
      - May be sufficient to just update our readme to point to that repo?
   - *StatusBarNotifier*
      - Seems to just change the top text of the *webview* status bar, so
      this plugin seems to not be a StatusBar notification as I defined above,
      more like an app "title" bar, so plugin seems misnamed.
      - Depends on 3rdparty plugin:
      - ios6 only, apparently?
   - *NotificationEx*
   - Not interesting, seems to just implement features that were removed
      from old cordova version


   - *LocalNotification*
   - Docs claim similar api to iOS version, but looks different (at first
      - Can't see how to register a callback (at first glance) -- so how is
      this useful?  Generic wakeup?
      - 8 months since proper update, and the code looks like it needs work
   - *Push Notification*
   - There is no push notification plugin in the phonegap-plugin repo..
      - However, Max Ogden pointed me to external: GCM-Cordova (Google
      Cloud Messaging)
         - GCM replaces C2DM as supported android push messaging service
      - Api is different than ios push plugin
      - Also Note from Max: you have to explicitly add things to the status
      bar as opposed to iOS where push notifications automatically get
      in the UI [for background apps I assume]
   - *StatusBarNotification*
   - Braden recently worked to clean this up to use w3c spec etc
      - I haven't scanned through it to see how much functionality it

*Open Questions*:

   - StatusBar Notifications: Intended for background services to notify a
   user to start some action (instead of just doing the action without users'
   explicit intent) -- so what does this mean for iOS without background
   - Are StatusBar notifications ever useful in foreground? Is that against
   some design principle?  Leave that decision to the app developer?  (fwiw:
   w3c spec seems to be a little vague, but no where does it say that
   notifications are to be used only while in background)
   - Push Notifications on ios: Can we intercept these when app is not in
   foreground, or must we just rely on default system behavior?

*Prioritizing Steps Forward:*

   1. StatusBar Notifications on iOS (w3c spec)
   2. Push Notifications on android
   3. Push Notifications on iOS (minor fixup/polyfill hopefully)
   4. Local Notifications on android


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