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From Brian>
Subject Re: a package manager experiment
Date Sun, 14 Oct 2012 23:58:18 GMT
I'm in the 'reuse npm as a dependency' camp. We can override stuff
that way and not get stuck re-implementing the entire thing.

Just look at the size of Max's proposal as a result.Less code to
write, means less to test, and ultimately less to maintain.

That said, I encourage we code for all the things and see what suites us best.

On Sun, Oct 14, 2012 at 12:11 PM, Mike Reinstein
<> wrote:
> Hi Max!
> We've been chatting about package manager stuff a bit prior to your arrival
> a few days ago. The 2 main proposals we've seen are to use npm for
> everything, or try to set up an independant system, which is similar but
> different (hopefully suited to cordova's particulars.) I've been exploring
> option 2, and had a brief discussion with Isaac Schlueter and Dominic about
> this. I think it's an interesting read.
> Here is the spec (and partial implementation) of what I've got so far:
> I would really appreciate some feedback on this. If it turns out that the
> cordova community is really against doing it this way then I'd rather know
> sooner than later, so I'm not burning time on a project that no one wants.
> I'm hoping for more feedback from Isaac as well, especially on the bullets
> in that rc discussion because I think I outlined all the major hurdles that
> using npm straight up might introduce. In my opinion, using npm directly
> would be a mistake, but I'm still in the experimentation phase at this
> point.
> -Mike
> On Sun, Oct 14, 2012 at 8:27 AM, Max Ogden <> wrote:
>> meet lunny
>> lunny is about 60 lines of code:
>> the basic idea is:
>> 1. use npm for pretty much everything
>> 2. if a package has some special metadata in its package.json then lunny
>> will run plugin-install with the proper arguments
>> 3. there is no step 3!
>> right now the hardest part about publishing and distributing a cordova
>> package is authoring the plugin.xml file so I have only tested this with
>> the childbrowser plugin from
>> thoughts welcome!

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