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From Brian>
Subject Re: tagging workflow (was: 2.2.0rc2 Monday?)
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2012 21:43:41 GMT
> 1) The goal was to tag rc2 this past Monday, right? Now it is almost Friday
> and still not all the repos have been tagged according to CB-1705. Would it
> make sense to get more diligent about tagging the js repo first, and then
> all the other repos immediately after, all on the same day? Is there
> something that has prevented it from happening like that?

Stuff came up, as it always does, which is why we start tagging RC's
instead of delaying the real thing.

> 2) Moving tags feels like the wrong thing to do. How about if tags are never
> moved?

Nah, not a big deal if it hasn't been released. (Only purpose of a
version/tag is for issue tracking releases.)

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