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From Brian>
Subject Re: Notice: Notification of work on Notifications
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2012 16:01:44 GMT
Dude, this post wins for best title but also a big THANK YOU for doing
all this legwork. I moved into the wiki to help collab/tracking here

Goals are perfectly in line w/ what I'd say is "The Cordova Way".
(Irony quotes somewhat intentional.)

A quick stab at open queries:

>    - StatusBar Notifications: Intended for background services to notify a
>    user to start some action (instead of just doing the action without users'
>    explicit intent) -- so what does this mean for iOS without background
>    services?

I *think* a fallback to local notification would be the way to handle
this. (But implementation will probably uncover better.)

>    - Are StatusBar notifications ever useful in foreground? Is that against
>    some design principle?  Leave that decision to the app developer?  (fwiw:
>    w3c spec seems to be a little vague, but no where does it say that
>    notifications are to be used only while in background)

Totally a user space concern.

>    - Push Notifications on ios: Can we intercept these when app is not in
>    foreground, or must we just rely on default system behavior?

What do you mean intercept? You mean can we invoke code if the user ignores?

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