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From Andrew Grieve <>
Subject Re: IOS6 LocalStorage filesystem target location.
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2012 17:14:52 GMT
You're right that there are already many ways to sync to the cloud. I think
the only thing that makes iCloud different from other options is that it
doesn't (to the best of my knowledge) have an API that you can use, at
least not in the same way that others provide.

iCloud can't really be ignored, but it's so platform specific, that I don't
think it's meaningful to write a cross-platform abstraction for it. I think
we should document that apple has added a setting that makes webview's
storage back-up to iCloud, and make sure that we don't break if this
setting is enabled. Apps can also use the FileSystem API to put files in
spots that will be iCloud backed-up.

On Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 12:30 PM, Patrick Mueller <> wrote:

> Seems to me this is a wider-than-just-iOS issue.  Does/will someone have a
> "cloud" for Android, like Apple does for iOS?  Or what about using Dropbox
> ET AL.
> I see these axes:
> - storage interface - localStorage, webSQL, File, IndexedDB, ET AL
> - storage persistence - "to the cloud!", "you can delete it, I'll
> repopulate from the server as need be", "pretty please, don't delete it",
> "under no circumstances delete it", ET AL
> Bolting stuff onto the existing interfaces to handle level of persistence
> seems wrong.  Maybe an orthogonal interface:
> class StorageStrategerizer {
>     typedef string Strategy;
>     Strategy getStorageStrategy(storageType, storageName?)
>     Strategy setStorageStrategy(storageType, storageName?, strategy)
> }
> Anything going on here in W3C, IETF, HTML5, ET AL re: this kind of thing?
> Maybe queue up a wiki page to strategerize on the topic?
> On Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 11:06 AM, Michal Mocny <>
> wrote:
> > So there has been a lot of back and forth recently about where and how
> > to backup localstorage (see:
> >
> >
> > At least one users wants these to backup to iCloud -- and while I
> > don't see how that makes real sense, the fact that apple added a flag
> > to allow this in ios6 maybe signals we should allow the option.
> >
> > Given that this cannot work on versions less than 5.1, may not be
> > enabled on ios6, and may not work the way developers expect anyway, is
> > there a point?
> >
> > Shaz, would appreciate your opinion here, if you are around.
> >
> --
> Patrick Mueller

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