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From Filip Maj <>
Subject [iOS] Removing the installer
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2012 19:01:39 GMT
Reference branch:;a=short

I've removed the installer and all of its dependencies from iOS. Would
love to have others take a look. This decouples us even further away from
the old Xcode templates. Also lines us up more with Apache's "ship only
source" policy. Finally: no longer need to install the library. You do,
however, need to run "make" after cloning the repo; this will set various
Xcode variables to point to the location of your cloned CordovaLib. Should
fix a few issues we've been having with the CLI tools as well.

Changes include:

- no more wkhtml, markdown, brew, and packagemaker as dependencies
- requirement to run "make" after cloning

Very likely in need of a once-over of all the documentation, esp. the
getting started guides. Actually, do we even need the Getting Started with
Xcode guide anymore after this?

Would love to hear from others on this topic.


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