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From Marlin Mixon <>
Subject Greetings plus discussion of WebSockets for Android
Date Wed, 29 Feb 2012 00:05:52 GMT
Hi, My name is Marlin Mixon and I'm a new potential contributor.

My interest is WebSockets for Android and I would like to work on
implementing that. In examining this problem one finds that this would
not be a problem at all on an Android browser that supports
WebSockets. Unfortunately, while the latest beta of Firefox does
support it, the majority of Android users run the Android WebKit
browser. So what if a new version of Android Webkit browser is
released that DOES support WebSockets? Well, even if such a browser
were available today, the majority user base will either not be able
to upgrade to it or will choose not to upgrade to it. At least, that's
how I see it.

What about WebSockets on other platforms? As I understand it, the
recent upgrade to Safari includes WebSockets. So nothing is needed for
iOS. I'm not sure about other platforms.

I've researched what others have done in an effort to implement
WebSockets in PhoneGap/Cordova. One such effort was by Animesh Kumar
who adapted a WebSocket client written in Java for Android by Nathan
Rajlich and apparently implemented it so that it ran with a pre-1.0
version of PhoneGap.  You can see this body of work here:

I'm not sure what the most efficient approach to use to solve the
problem. One thing I plan to do is see if I can adapt the
Kumar/Rajlich code mentioned above and see if I can get it working in
the latest Cordova. If I were to extend Nathan Rajlich's work, would I
need to get Nathan Rajlich sign the agreement for Apache contributors?


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