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Subject [cordova-docs] 04/05: WTF
Date Fri, 23 Feb 2018 23:37:13 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

janpio pushed a commit to branch janpio-win6
in repository

commit e1120116a03dd4e494cd826101516b2d4056c6e8
Author: Jan Piotrowski <>
AuthorDate: Fri Feb 23 23:30:29 2018 +0100

 www/_posts/ | 90 --------------------------
 1 file changed, 90 deletions(-)

diff --git a/www/_posts/ b/www/_posts/
index 322ebfe..8b13789 100644
--- a/www/_posts/
+++ b/www/_posts/
@@ -1,91 +1 @@
-layout: post
-    name: Jan Piotrowski
-    url:
-title:  "Cordova Windows 6.0.0 Released!"
-categories: announcements
-tags: news releases
-We are happy to announce the release of `cordova-windows 6.0.0`. 
-This is a major release that changes functionality you might rely on, so please make sure
to read the following list of changes:
-## Changes
-- **Windows 10 / UWP** builds are now default, meaning `cordova build windows` will now build
a Windows 10 UWP app by default. Windows (Phone) 8.1 is still supported of course, just use
`cordova build windows -- --appx=8.1-win`, `cordova build windows -- --appx=8.1-phone` or
an equivalent configuration option.
-- You can now build apps with a current installation of **Visual Studio 2017** (`15.5.x`
at the time of writing) without any additional configuration or hacks (like the environment
variable `VSINSTALLDIR` that was required for 5.0.0).
-    * Note: [Visual Studio 2017 doesn't support Windows 8.1 apps any more](,
so you can only build these apps with Visual Studio 2015 installed.
-- New **ENV variable `MSBUILDDIR`** allows to directly configure the MSBuild Tools to be
used to build the app. While `VSINSTALLDIR` always has been a hack that accidentally also
worked to switch between different MSBuildTools versions, we now we this functionality explicit:
 Just set the ENV var to a your desired MSBuild folder (e.g. `C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft
Visual Studio\2017\Community\MSBuild\15.0\Bin` or `C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\14.0\bin\`)
and it will be used to buil [...]
-    * If you have Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio 2015 installed at the same time, the
normal logic would always choose Visual Studio 2017's MSBuild 15 - and fail on a Windows (Phone)
8.1 project. If you set the environment variable MSBuild 14, it can successfully build your
8.1 apps.
-    * If the supplied path is invalid or doesn't contain a working MSBuild, the normal MSBuild
selection logic will be triggered
-- Fixes several bugs
-## Installation
-As usual this new version will be added as the default `cordova-windows` version only with
the next release of Cordova CLI. Until then, please use these commands to remove and re-add
the `windows` platform:
-cordova platform rm windows
-cordova platform add windows@6.0.0
-### Known limitations
-As it's often the case, the 6.0.0 release of cordova-windows is not perfect and has some
known limitations:
-- If you only have Visual Studio 2017 installed on your machine, you can not build Windows
(Phone) 8.1 apps.
-- "Windows 10 Phone emulator is currently not supported. If you want to deploy to emulator,
use Visual Studio instead."
-- [Some `build`]( and [requirements
error messages]( are a bit misleading
-## Feedback
-If you encounter problems with this new version, you can use the [GitHub issues of the `cordova-windows`
repository]( to do so now. (`cordova-windows`
is the first Apache Cordova repository on GitHub that enabled issue tracking. Yay!)
-## Open questions
-Working on this update showed how much code is there to support other platform variants beside
Windows 10 desktop.
-TODO refine 
-- Is Windows 8.1 support still needed or would it make sense to get rid of _really_ much
code and do a 7.0.0 release that drops support for that?
-- Windows 10 Phone? Still relevant?
-- Where should the project move? What is missing? What should be supported? What do you need?
-Please help us decide how to further develop `cordova-windows` by answering these questions
below in the comments. Thanks!
-## Curated Changelog
-* [CB-13889]( Allow test failures for Visual
Studio 2017 environments (#263)
-* [CB-13878]( MSBUILDDIR env variable (#262)
-* [CB-13883]( Visual Studio 2017 support (#261)
-* [CB-13877]( Clean up MSBuildTools.js (#259)
-* [CB-13870]( Improve check_reqs (#258)
-* [CB-13877]( more env information about msbuild
and visual studio on appveyor (#257)
-* [CB-13877]( First MSBuildTools.js work:
Debug output, move misplaced method, comments (#255)
-* [CB-13875]( add `prepare` script that can
be called in e2e tests (#254)
-* [CB-13817]( Add new alias `uwp` for `--appx`
param including tests (#251)
-* [CB-13870]( change default from UAP to 10.0
-* [CB-13829]( Fix tests that were broken since
[CB-13237]( (#246)
-* [CB-11968]( Add support for config-file
in `config.xml` (#235)
-* [CB-13799]( updated npm test for `cordova-windows`
-* [CB-13812]( run tests on AppVeyor with VS
2017 as well
-* [CB-13641]( support transparent splash screen
background color. (#245)
-* [CB-13175]( fixing Windows8.1 crash on startup
-* [CB-13422]( (windows) Fix typo in build
error message
-* [CB-12895]( ignoring cordova.js for eslint
& removing comments and references to jshint
-* [CB-13237]( Default to UAP
-* [CB-13155]( Improved target parsing
-* [CB-13022]( Correct a VS installation warning
during check_reqs
-* [CB-12636]( Fix check_reqs to properly find
VS 2017
-* [CB-12895]( setup eslint and removed jshint
-* Allow build when using --bundle and multiple architectures. This closes #175
-* README: Fix broken Markdown headings
-* [CB-12617]( Removed node 0.x from CI
-* [CB-12847]( fixed `bugs` entry in `package.json`
-* [CB-12784]( Fixed a crash on Windows 10
Creators Update
-* Add support for uap3.
-* [CB-12018]( updated tests to work with jasmine
instead of jasmine-node
-* [CB-12499]( UWP: Dependent external libraries
specified as resource-file not being referenced in Release mode

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