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Subject [cordova-docs] branch master updated: CB-13339 Improve README
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2018 18:53:30 GMT
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 [![Build Status](](
-# Cordova Docs
+# Cordova Docs / Website
-## Introduction
+This repository contains the source code for the Cordova website at [](
-This repository contains the source code for the Cordova website. This covers [](
(= []( and its subdomains [](
(= []( and [](
(= [](
+The site is also reachable with the short domain [](, the important
subareas as [](, [](
and [](
-## Content
+## Technical Overview
+The main parts are built as a static site with [Jekyll](, containing
the homepage and subpages, the [blog]( and the [docs](
+The [plugin search]( is an embedded PreactJS application.
+Here in the repository the code of the actual site is located in [`/www`](www) with its subfolder
[`/docs`](www/docs), [`/blog`](www/blog) and [`/plugins`](www/plugins).  
+Some additional content is [pulled in during the build process](TODO).
+The site is built using a [gulp script](gulpfile.js) that is run by Node.JS (`npm run-script
build`). (Alternatively you can build the site using Make.) Deployments usually happen on
commits to `master` via Travis, which runs [``]( and commits
the built site to a SVN repository.
+## Instructions
 - [Installing](doc/
 - [Building](doc/
@@ -17,6 +27,7 @@ This repository contains the source code for the Cordova website. This covers
   > Note: many changes to the overall documentation come from other repos and are simply
pulled together by a build. `tools/bin/fetch_docs.js` has more details and `www/_data/fetched-files.yml`
contains an informative list of src/dest pairs.  Most auto-generated files have a comment
tag at the top of the file to indicate that they come from elsewhere.
 - [Adding a Tool or a Showcase App](doc/
 - [Writing a Blog Post](doc/
+- [Translating](doc/
 - [Troubleshooting](doc/
 ## Attributions

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