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From dpogue <>
Subject [GitHub] cordova-docs pull request #747: CB-13380 added tools release blog post
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2017 00:55:00 GMT
Github user dpogue commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: www/_posts/ ---
    @@ -0,0 +1,118 @@
    +layout: post
    +    name: Steve Gill
    +    url:
    +title:  "Tools Released!"
    +categories: news
    +tags: release tools
    +We just released a small update to our tools!
    +* [cordova@7.1.0](
    +* [cordova-lib@7.1.0](
    +* [cordova-plugman@1.5.1](
    +* [cordova-fetch@1.2.0](
    +* [cordova-common@2.1.1](
    +* [cordova-node-xcode@1.0.0](
    +* [cordova-js@4.2.2](
    +## Release Highlights
    +* [CB-13303]( added `--production` flag
by default. This means that when the commands `cordova platform add android` or `cordova plugin
add cordova-plugin-device` are run, under the hood we are running `npm install android --production`.
The `--production` flag only installs `dependencies` from `package.json` and skips `devDependencies`.
 This should speed up installs (especially when installing local copies of platforms and plugins).
You can turn the flag off by passing the `--noprod` flag or setting it off globally via `cordova
config set production false`.
    +* [CB-13353]( added `--save-exact` flag.
This will allow to save an exact version of a platform or plugin instead of a range. `cordova
platform add android@6.3.0 --save-exact`. You can also set it true by default in your global
config via `cordova config set save-exact true`
    +* This is the first release of `cordova-node-xcode` under the apache cordova banner.
It was originally created and used as a dependency for `cordova-lib`, but now is being used
by many other projects as well. We have decided to give the project a major release to `1.0.0`.
This is to represent stability for the project in terms of `semver`. No breaking change has
happened from the previous release. 
    +* [CB-13308]( fixed issues with restoring
plugins and platforms while using `npm@5+`.
    +* [CB-12787]( Fix plugin installation
with `--link` option.
    +* [CB-13056]( added deprecation notice
for **WebOS**
    +* [CB-13057]( added deprecation warning
for `cordova platform save`
    +To update your cordova CLI:
    +    npm install -g cordova@latest
    +Please report any issues you find at [](!
    +# Changes include:
    +## cordova-lib
    +* [CB-13303]( added `--save_exact`, `--production`
    +* [CB-13288]( updated `index.js` and test
to fix `cordova plugin search`
    +* [CB-13206]( fixed incorrect target being
passed in to `plugin add` from `restore-util.js`
    +* [CB-13145]( added `variable-merge.js`
to deal with `plugin.xml` variables for uninstall
    +* [CB-12870]( catch all use cases for
`getPlatformApiFunction` and update tests accordingly
    +* [CB-12944]( Platform's spec is ignored
in `config.xml` if `package.json` doesn't contain dependency for platform
    +* [CB-12361]( added new unit tests for
plugin tests
    +* [CB-13020]( (plugman) install filters
out `nohooks`
    +* [CB-13056]( added deprecation notice
for **WebOS**
    +* [CB-13057]( added deprecation warning
for `cordova platform save`
    +* [CB-12361]( added tests for `save.js`
and rebased
    +* [CB-12895]( switched from `jshint` to
    +* [CB-12361]( updated `addHelper` tests
    +* [CB-11980]( Update `README` to reflect
new repos
    +* [CB-6143]( Change `plugman.emit()` to
    +* Reorganized unit test directory. Changes include: - consolidate `spec-cordova/` and
`spec-plugman/` into a single `spec/` dir. - put `jasmine config` and helper modules in top-level
spec dir. - changed `package.json` npm run scripts to reflect purposes of tasks. remove `npm
run ci`. Updated `README` to reflect `package.json` npm run script changes. 
    +* [CB-12361]( added unit tests for `prepare.spec.js`
    +* Update cordova-lib api. Deprecate `raw` from api calls. 
    --- End diff --
    Can we call this out more prominently for downstream tooling?


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