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From filmaj <>
Subject [GitHub] cordova-docs pull request #746: CB-13054: blog post on how to move off of fi...
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2017 23:11:00 GMT
Github user filmaj commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: www/_posts/ ---
    @@ -0,0 +1,175 @@
    +layout: post
    +    name: Fil Maj
    +    url:
    +title:  "Transition off of cordova-plugin-file-transfer"
    +categories: blog
    +tags: plugins
    +Early on in Cordova's existence, the [file-transfer plugin](
    +was created to solve the [problem of downloading binary files](
    +At the time, there weren't great options for solving this using standards-compliant
    +web APIs. The web took a twisty path to get to a solution (see
    +[Firefox's `sendAsBinary`](
    +and the now-defunct [FileSystem API]('s
    +among others), but today you can use our good friend [XMLHttpRequest]('s
    +newest features, combined with some newer JavaScript types and objects,
    +[to solve this problem](
    +This is an exciting moment for Cordova as the dream for this project was always
    +to eventually reduce the surface area of APIs the project maintains, and instead
    +see regular web APIs be able to handle these use cases.
    +As a result,
    +[Cordova is sunsetting the file-transfer plugin](
    +What does "sunsetting" mean? In summary:
    +* No more work will be done on the file-transfer plugin by the Cordova development
    +  community.
    +* You can continue to use the file-transfer plugin if you wish - it should work
    +  fine as-is for the foreseeable future.
    +* We highly suggest Cordova users transition to using the
    +  [standards-compliant way of sending and receiving binary data](
    +All of us at Apache Cordova don't want to leave y'all hanging, though, so we
    +thought it'd be a good idea to show you how to use these newer XHR features to do
    +what file-transfer lets you do, but in a way that will work in any modern web
    +browser to boot!
    +## Requirements
    +Based on how deeply you interact with the underlying device filesystem, and on
    +which platforms, you may still need to rely on the
    +[Cordova File plugin]( If you
    +still have references to `requestFileSystem` or `root.fs` in your application's
    +JavaScript, you will definitely need the File plugin because these are not
    +standards-compliant APIs. Take note and care!
    +## Platform Support
    +Binary types in JavaScript, as well as the extended XHR features, are available
    +on the following Cordova-supported platforms without requiring any additional
    +* Android 4.4 or newer.
    +* iOS 10 or newer.
    +* Windows UWP (8.1, 10 or newer all work).
    +* Windows Phone 8 or newer.
    +As always, check []( for detailed support for the
    +required bits, like [`Blob`](,
    +[Typed Arrays](, and
    +[extended XHR features](
    +## TL;DR
    +Don't care about "standards" and all that mumbo jumbo? Just looking to copy-paste
    --- End diff --
    Sort of.. suggestions on how to reword?


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