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Subject svn commit: r1786822 - /cordova/site/public/infra/doap_Cordova_PMC.rdf
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2017 22:55:07 GMT
Author: shazron
Date: Mon Mar 13 22:55:07 2017
New Revision: 1786822

Fixed the charter, according to the actual charter.


Modified: cordova/site/public/infra/doap_Cordova_PMC.rdf
--- cordova/site/public/infra/doap_Cordova_PMC.rdf (original)
+++ cordova/site/public/infra/doap_Cordova_PMC.rdf Mon Mar 13 22:55:07 2017
@@ -23,8 +23,10 @@
   <asfext:pmc rdf:about="cordova">
     <asfext:name>Apache Cordova</asfext:name>
     <foaf:homepage rdf:resource=""/>
-    <asfext:charter>
-Apache Cordova is a set of device APIs that allow a mobile app developer to access native
device functions such as the camera or accelerometer from JavaScript. Combined with an UI
framework, this allows a smartphone app to be developed with just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
+    <asfext:charter><!-- This should be taken from the PMC board resolution -->
+      The mission of Apache Cordova is the creation and maintenance of software
+ related to building cross platform mobile applications with
+ HTML, Javascript and CSS.
     <asfext:chair><foaf:Person><foaf:name>Shazron Abdullah</foaf:name></foaf:Person></asfext:chair>

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