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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Cordova Wiki] Update of "AskingQuestions" by purplecabbage
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2017 23:35:37 GMT
Dear wiki user,

You have subscribed to a wiki page "Cordova Wiki" for change notification.

The page "AskingQuestions" has been deleted by purplecabbage:

- The following tips are for users of Apache Cordova who want to get help.
- == Search the archives ==
- Your question may have already been answered. Make sure you search at least [[|PhoneGap
Google]] group archives before you ask your question.  Go to the !PhoneGap Google group and
use the search field in the top right of the page.
- == Provide details ==
- Give as many details as possible. Incomplete questions won't likely be answered.
- Include the following at a minimum:
-  * what version number of !PhoneGap are you using? 
-  * which platform and version you are testing on? iOS 4.0, Android 2,2, !BlackBerry 6.0,
-  * a detailed description of your problem.
-  * is this happening in the emulator only, phone only or both? 
- Select a concise, informative subject for the post. For example, include:
-  * Platform, if issue is specific to Android, iOS, etc
-  * Keyword examples: version, jar file, phonegap plugin, deviceready event, build
-  * Short phrase summarizing the problem
- You may also want to include:
-  * some sample code that illustrates the problem.
-  * logs taken while the problem was reproduced.
- If the code or logs are huge, let's say over 20 lines please think about using a web service
like [[|Gist]] or [[|]].  Alternatively
if you have a [[|Dropbox]] account put the file in your public folder. 
Then share the link in the email rather than mailing around a bunch of large files.
- == An example of question ==
- '''Wrong:'''
- !PhoneGap does not work for me!
- '''Right:'''
- I get a security error on !PhoneGap 0.9.4 when I try to open a database using the Android
3.0 emulator.  You can see the code I used here: and the logs
I collected here:  I have looked at the archives and the commits
but did not find any solution. Does anyone know what could be the issue and whether this has
been fixed?
- An example of subject
- '''Wrong:'''
- Urgent. Need help with my problem.
- '''Right:'''
- Android / !PhoneGap 1.2.0 : deviceready event not firing
- Frequently Asked Questions
- There are some questions that appear regularly on the mailing list. We are working on putting
a FAQ together for these issues.

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