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Subject [1/3] android commit: CB-12038 Updated RELEASENOTES and Version for release 6.0.0
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2016 18:50:47 GMT
Repository: cordova-android
Updated Branches:
  refs/heads/master efa23bd39 -> 7f9e7c73a

CB-12038 Updated RELEASENOTES and Version for release 6.0.0


Branch: refs/heads/master
Commit: 81dfe96355c7e2d27b5f8e2d71cf0892923cc928
Parents: efa23bd
Author: Joe Bowser <>
Authored: Thu Oct 20 11:48:20 2016 -0700
Committer: Joe Bowser <>
Committed: Thu Oct 20 11:48:20 2016 -0700

---------------------------------------------------------------------- | 69 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 package.json    |  2 +-
 2 files changed, 70 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
diff --git a/ b/
index 1022869..33157e2 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -20,6 +20,75 @@
 ## Release Notes for Cordova (Android) ##
+### 6.0.0 (Oct 20, 2016)
+This release adds significant functionality, and also introduces a number
+of breaking changes.  Some of the changes to the code base will be of
+particular interest to third party webview plugin developers.
+#### Major Changes ####
+* Primary bridge is the EVAL_BRIDGE, which tells the WebView to execute JS directly.  This
is more stable than the ONLINE_EVENT bridge
+* Full Support for Android Nougat (API 24)
+* Ice Cream Sandwich Support has been deprecated.  Minimum Supported Android Version is Jellybean
(API 16/ Android 4.1)
+* Plugin Installation now CLEANS the build directory, this speeds up gradle build times and
allows for CLI develoment to be more predictable
+Changes For Third-Party WebView Developers:
+* executeJavascript method added and is an abstract method that must be implemented
+* the EVAL_BRIDGE must be added to the WebView
+#### Curated Changes from the Git Commit Logs ####
+* Updating the gradle build for test to use the latest
+* CB-11083: Fixing syncronous file check and future-proofing the JS for Travis
+* CB-11083: Reading files to check for CordovaLib dependency, if so, we exclude CordovaLib
to be safe
+* CB-11083: Plugin build script for dependencies without a gradle file
+* CB-11083: The GradleBuidler can tell the difference between a Cordova Plugin Framework
and a regular framework based on the name
+* CB-11083 Fix to deal with custom frameworks with their own Gradle configuration
+* CB-12003 updated node_modules
+* CB-11771 Deep symlink directories to target project instead of linking the directory itself
+* CB-11880 android: Fail-safe for cordova.exec()
+* CB-11999 add message, catch exception if require fails
+* fix issue with app_name containing apostrophes
+* CB-8722 - Move icons from drawable to mipmap
+* CB-11964 Call clean after plugin install and mock it in tests
+* Did a try/catch to deal with the unit tests vs actual project environment, code duplication
is needed because of builderEnv
+* CB-11964: Do a clean when installing a plugin to et around the bug
+* CB-11921 - Add github pull request template
+* CB-11935 Does a best-effort attempt to pause any processing that can be paused safely,
such as animations and geolocation.
+* CB-11640: Fixing check_reqs.js so it actually works
+* CB-11640: Changing requirements check to ask for Java 8
+* CB-11869 Fix cordova-js android exec tests
+* CB-11907: Bumping Gradle to work with Android Studio 2.2 and the Android Gradle Plugin
+* Enable background start of Cordova Android apps
+* fixing jshint issues
+* replace Integer.parseInt with BigInteger so that you can use longer Android version codes
+* CB-11828: Adding dirty userAgent checking to see if we're running Jellybean or not for
bridge modes
+* CB-11828: Switching default bridge back to ONLINE_BRIDGE
+* Add gradle build flag to enable dex in process for large projects
+* added ability for cordova activity to be viewed in a real full screen regardless of android
version (as was the case in previous cordova versions)
+* Updating travis
+* Adding Static Method to CoreAndroid Plugin so we can get the BuildConfig data from other
+* Bump Target and Min API levels
+* Make evaluateJavaScript brige default
+* Creating an evaluateJavascript branch
+* CB-11727 - travis ci setup is still using 0.10.32 node
+* CB-11726 - Update appveyor node versions to 4 and 6, so they will always use the latest
+* Close invalid PRs
+* CB-11683 Fixed linking to directories during plugin installation.
+* fixed CB-11078 Empty string for BackgroundColor preference crashes application This closes
+* Update JS snapshot to version 5.3.0-dev (via coho)
+* Set VERSION to 5.3.0-dev (via coho)
+* CB-11626 Updated RELEASENOTES and Version for release 5.2.2
+* updated cordoova-common to 1.4.0
+* This closes #195
+* Updaing the gradle for the tests to the latest
+* CB-11550 Updated RELEASENOTES for release 5.2.1
+* CB-9489 Fixed "endless waiting for emulator" issue
+* Update JS snapshot to version 5.3.0-dev (via coho)
+* Set VERSION to 5.3.0-dev (via coho)
+* CB-11444 Updated RELEASENOTES and Version for release 5.2.0
+* CB-11481: android-library is deprecated use instead
 ### 5.2.2 (Jul 26, 2016)
 * [CB-11615]( updated `cordoova-common` to
diff --git a/package.json b/package.json
index 8fd5d8c..f87ce8c 100644
--- a/package.json
+++ b/package.json
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
   "name": "cordova-android",
-  "version": "5.3.0-dev",
+  "version": "6.0.0",
   "description": "cordova-android release",
   "bin": {
     "create": "bin/create"

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