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Subject [1/2] docs commit: CB-11091 added plugins release blog post
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2016 21:29:16 GMT
Repository: cordova-docs
Updated Branches:
  refs/heads/master 34cc90710 -> 638da7a84

CB-11091 added plugins release blog post


Branch: refs/heads/master
Commit: a6703c3ac91b1031d7f28e3e48e24f4068419766
Parents: 34cc907
Author: Steve Gill <>
Authored: Tue Apr 19 15:52:10 2016 -0700
Committer: Steve Gill <>
Committed: Tue Apr 19 15:52:10 2016 -0700

 www/_posts/ | 188 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 188 insertions(+)
diff --git a/www/_posts/ b/www/_posts/
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..b85b3b7
--- /dev/null
+++ b/www/_posts/
@@ -0,0 +1,188 @@
+layout: post
+    name: Steve Gill
+    url:
+title:  "Plugins Release"
+categories: news
+tags: release plugins
+The following plugins were updated today:
+* cordova-plugin-battery-status: 1.1.2
+* cordova-plugin-camera: 2.2.0
+* cordova-plugin-console: 1.0.3
+* cordova-plugin-contacts: 2.1.0
+* cordova-plugin-device: 1.1.2
+* cordova-plugin-device-motion: 1.2.1
+* cordova-plugin-device-orientation:
+* cordova-plugin-dialogs: 1.2.1
+* cordova-plugin-file: 4.2.0
+* cordova-plugin-file-transfer: 1.5.1
+* cordova-plugin-geolocation: 2.2.0
+* cordova-plugin-inappbrowser: 1.4.0
+* cordova-plugin-media: 2.3.0
+* cordova-plugin-media-capture: 1.3.0
+* cordova-plugin-network-information: 1.2.1
+* cordova-plugin-splashscreen: 3.2.2
+* cordova-plugin-statusbar: 2.1.3
+* cordova-plugin-test-framework: 1.1.2
+* cordova-plugin-vibration: 2.1.1
+* cordova-plugin-whitelist: 1.2.2
+* cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine: 1.0.3
+* cordova-plugin-compat: 1.0.0
+This release includes a new plugin named [cordova-plugin-compat](
`cordova-plugin-compat` allows backwards compatibility for plugins that had to upgrade to
the new permissions model for `cordova-android@5+`. Plugin authors can use and depend on `cordova-plugin-compat`
to continue to support older versions (`<5`) of `cordova-android`. Checkout the [cordova-plugin-compat
repo]( for more information. Plugin authors
can also use the new [engines element](
to specify what versions of `cordova-android` your plugin supports. Read more about it in
our [plugin fetching blog post](
+You can update any plugin by removing it, and then re-adding it.
+ E.g. To update your camera plugin:
+    cordova plugin rm cordova-plugin-camera --save
+    cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-camera@latest --save
+Changes include:
+* [CB-10720]( Reorganizing and rewording docs.
+* [CB-10636]( Add JSHint for plugins
+* [CB-10873]( Avoid crash due to usage of
uninitialized variable when writing geolocation data to image destination. Properly handle
'CameraUsesGeolocation' option by properly setting geolocation data in EXIF header in all
+* [CB-11073]( Appium tests stability improvements
+* Replace `` with `cordova-plugin-compat`
+* Making focus handler work only for **windows 10** phone
+* [CB-10865]( Run **ios** native tests on
+* [CB-10120]( Fixing use of constants and
+* [CB-10120]( Fix missing CAMERA permission
for **Android M**
+* [CB-10756]( Adding sterner warnings about
+* [CB-10460]( `getRealPath` return null in
some cases
+* Initial release
+* Moved `` into `src`
+* [CB-10720]( Minor spelling/formatting changes.
+* [CB-10636]( Add `JSHint` for plugins
+* [CB-11043]( **Android** app crashes while
trying to save contact with phone numbers array with deleted values
+* [CB-10985]( Android sets type to `-1` for
ims Added a corresponding test
+* [CB-11048]( Fix spec27's inadvertent breakage
that happened during logging rollback
+* [CB-11041]( `cordova-plugin-contacts` readme
must be updated to include instructions on removing phone number from a contact
+* [CB-11033]( Appium tests: Increased the
timeout for updating the contact
+* [CB-10399]( Added Appium tests
+* Replace `` with `cordova-plugin-compat`
+* [CB-8115]( incorrect birthday saved to phonebook
using Contacts Plugin
+* Changes to stop using global object - remove all created contacts from the emulator
+* [CB-10881]( Increase timeout for Spec22
+* Fix for the specs 26&27 to use the newly created contacts for removal test
+* [CB-10881]( Remove test dependency on global
+* [CB-10632]( Fixing jasmine test contact
+* [CB-10636]( Add `JSHint` for plugins
+* Use passed device, follow create policy for `CFUUIDCreate`
+* [CB-10631]( Fix for `device.uuid` in **iOS
+* Updating the comment to exclude URL
+* [CB-10636]( Add `JSHint` for plugins
+* Refactored `deviceInfo` on **iOS** for better readability.
+* [CB-10636]( Add `JSHint` for plugins
+* Remove `warning` emoji, as it doesn't correctly display in the docs website:
+* [CB-10636]( Add `JSHint` for plugins
+* [CB-10097]( dialog doesn't show on **iOS**
when called from a select list `onChange` event
+* Remove `warning` emoji, as it doesn't correctly display in the docs website:
+* [CB-10727]( Dialogs plugin has warnings
on **iOS**
+* [CB-10636]( Add `JSHint` for plugins
+* [CB-10960]( Uncaught `#<FileError>`
in `write()` when `readyState != WRITING ?`
+* Replace `` with `cordova-plugin-compat`
+* [CB-10977]( **Android** Removing global
state used for permission requests
+* [CB-10798](, [CB-10384](
Fixing permissions for **Marshmallow**.
+* Fix test failure on **WP 8.1**
+* [CB-10577]( **Windows** `resolveLocalFileSystemURL`
should omit trailing slash for file
+* [CB-7862]( `FileReader` reads large files
in chunks with progress.
+* [CB-10577]( **Android** `resolveLocalFileSystemURL`
should detect directory vs file.
+* [CB-9753]( index out of bounds on `requestFileSystem`.
+* Remove `warning` emoji, as it doesn't correctly display in the docs website:
This closes #166
+* [CB-10636]( Add `JSHint` for plugins
+* [CB-10411]( Error in `file.spec.129` of
+* [CB-10536]( Removing flaky test assertions
about abort callback latency
+* Removing the expectation in `spec.34` for the transfer method to be called.
+* [CB-10978]( Fix `file-transfer.tests` JSHint
+* [CB-10782]( Occasional failure in file transfer
tests causing mobilespec crash
+* [CB-10771]( Fixing failure when empty string
passed as a value for option parameter in upload function
+* [CB-10636]( Add `JSHint` for plugins
+* Replace `` with `cordova-plugin-compat`
+* [CB-10691]( Check the context to avoid null
+* [CB-10636]( Add `JSHint` for plugins
+* Using a fallback epsilon in case `Number.EPSILON` is not defined.
+* [CB-10574]( MobileSpec can't get results
for **WP8.1** Builds
+* [CB-7679]( add fix for **iOS** upload.
+* [CB-10944]( `NoSuchMethodError` in `InAppBrowser`
+* [CB-10937]( fix stretched icons
+* [CB-10760]( Fixing README for display on
Cordova website
+* [CB-10636]( Add `JSHint` for plugins
+* Request audio focus when playing; Pause audio when audio focus is lost; resume playing
when audio focus is granted again.
+* Replace `` with `cordova-plugin-compat`
+* [CB-10783]( Modify expected position to
be in a proper range.
+* [CB-9487]( Support getting amplitude for
+* **iOS** audio should handle naked local file sources
+* [CB-10720]( Fixing README for display on
Cordova website
+* [CB-10636]( Add `JSHint` for plugins
+* [CB-10535]( Fix CI crash caused by media
+* Replace `` with `cordova-plugin-compat`
+* [CB-10670](, [CB-10994](
**Android**, Marshmallow permissions
+* [CB-10720]( Fixing README for display on
Cordova website
+* [CB-10636]( Add `JSHint` for plugins
+* [CB-10690]( **windows**, fix crash when
user cancels/closes photo app
+* [CB-10763]( Remove emoji in `cordova-plugin-network-information`
+* [CB-10636]( Add `JSHint` for plugins
+* [CB-10979]( Fix splashscreen **iOS** native
tests. Added `jshintignore` for tests/ios
+* [CB-10895]( Transparent Splashscreen view
sometimes remains
+* [CB-10562]( `hide()` not working in latest
splashscreen plugin 3.1.0 in **iOS**
+* [CB-10688]( Plugin Splashscreen Readme must
have examples.
+* [CB-10864]( Run **iOS** native tests on
+* [CB-11018]( Fix statusbar with `inappbrowser`
causing incorrect orientation on **iOS8**
+* [CB-10884]( `Inappbrowser` breaks UI while
Screen orientation changes from landscape to portrait on **iOS**
+* [CB-10876]( Enable inertia scrolling in
test framework
+* [CB-10636]( Add `JSHint` for plugins
+* [CB-10636]( Add `JSHint` for plugins
+* add note about redirects
+* [CB-10624]( remove error message from `whitelist.js`,
which leaves it empty
+* [CB-10636]( Add `JSHint` for plugins

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