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Subject [1/4] docs commit: draft of plugins release blog post
Date Wed, 25 Nov 2015 01:36:38 GMT
Repository: cordova-docs
Updated Branches:
  refs/heads/master aa9e3195a -> 69a068d19

draft of plugins release blog post


Branch: refs/heads/master
Commit: ab23ab665c070db5038c7549e24308313275ae4e
Parents: aa9e319
Author: Steve Gill <>
Authored: Mon Nov 23 23:28:13 2015 -0800
Committer: Steve Gill <>
Committed: Mon Nov 23 23:34:39 2015 -0800

 www/_posts/ | 330 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 330 insertions(+)
diff --git a/www/_posts/ b/www/_posts/
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..9c0e0f2
--- /dev/null
+++ b/www/_posts/
@@ -0,0 +1,330 @@
+layout: post
+    name: Steve Gill
+    url:
+title:  "Plugins Release"
+categories: news
+tags: release plugins
+The following plugins were updated today:
+* cordova-plugin-battery-status@1.1.1
+* cordova-plugin-camera@2.0.0
+* cordova-plugin-console@1.0.2
+* cordova-plugin-contacts@2.0.0
+* cordova-plugin-device@1.1.0
+* cordova-plugin-device-motion@1.2.0
+* cordova-plugin-device-orientation@1.0.2
+* cordova-plugin-dialogs@1.2.0
+* cordova-plugin-file@4.0.0
+* cordova-plugin-file-transfer@1.4.0
+* cordova-plugin-geolocation@2.0.0
+* cordova-plugin-globalization@1.0.2
+* cordova-plugin-inappbrowser@1.1.0
+* cordova-plugin-legacy-whitelist@1.1.1
+* cordova-plugin-media@2.0.0
+* cordova-plugin-media-capture@1.1.0
+* cordova-plugin-network-information@1.1.0
+* cordova-plugin-splashscreen@3.0.0
+* cordova-plugin-statusbar@2.0.0
+* cordova-plugin-test-framework@1.1.0
+* cordova-plugin-vibration@2.0.0
+* cordova-plugin-whitelist@1.2.0
+The following plugins now require `cordova-android@5.0.0`.
+* cordova-plugin-camera
+* cordova-plugin-contacts
+* cordova-plugin-file
+* cordova-plugin-geolocation
+* cordova-plugin-media
+If you are using an older version of `cordova-android`, you will have to explicitly install
older versions of these plugins now.
+    cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-camera@1.2.0 --save
+To see what versions exist for a plugin, run `npm info PLUGINNAME`. 
+You can update any plugin by removing it, and then re-adding it.
+ E.g. To update your camera plugin:
+    cordova plugin rm cordova-plugin-camera --save
+    cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-camera --save
+Changes include:
+* [CB-10035]( Updated `RELEASENOTES` to be
newest to oldest
+* Fixing contribute link.
+* [CB-10035]( Updated `RELEASENOTES` to be
newest to oldest
+* [CB-8863]( correct block usage for `async`
+* [CB-5479]( changed `saveToPhotoAlbum` to
save uncompressed images for **Android**
+* [CB-9169]( Fixed `filetype` for uncompressed
images and added quirk for **Android**
+* [CB-9446]( Removing `CordovaResource` library
code in favour of the code we're supposed to be deprecating because that at least works.
+* [CB-9942]( Normalize line endings in Camera
plugin docs
+* [CB-9910]( Add permission request for some
gallery requests for **Android**
+* [CB-7668]( Adding a sterner warning for `allowedit`
on **Android**
+* Fixing contribute link.
+* Using the `CordovaResourceApi` to fine paths of files in the background thread.  If the
file doesn't exist, return the content `URI`. 
+* Add engine tag for **Cordova-Android 5.0.x**
+* [CB-9583]( Added support for **Marshmallow**
permissions (**Android 6.0**)
+* Try to use `realpath` filename instead of default `modified.jpg`
+* [CB-6190]( **iOS** camera plugin ignores
quality parameter
+* [CB-9633]( **iOS** Taking a Picture With
Option `destinationType:NATIVE_URI` doesn't show image
+* [CB-9745]( Camera plugin docs should be generated
from the source
+* [CB-9622]( **WP8** Camera Option `destinationType:NATIVE_URI`
is a `NO-OP`
+* [CB-9623]( Fixes various issues when `encodingType`
set to `png`
+* [CB-9591]( Retaining aspect ratio when resizing
+* [CB-9443]( Pick correct `maxResolution` 
+* [CB-9151]( Trigger `captureAction` only once
+* [CB-9413]( Close `RandomAccessStream` once
+* [CB-5661]( Remove outdated **iOS** quirks
about memory
+* [CB-9349]( Focus control and nice UI
+* [CB-9259]( Forgot to add another check on
which `URI` we're using when fixing this thing the first time
+* [CB-9247]( Added macro to conditionally add
+* [CB-9247]( Fixes compilation errors with
**cordova-ios 4.x**
+* Fix returning native url on **Windows**.
+* [CB-10035]( Updated `RELEASENOTES` to be
newest to oldest
+* Fixing contribute link.
+* Document formatting options for the console object
+* [CB-5089]( Document supported methods for
console object
+* reverted `d58f218b9149d362ebb0b8ce697cf403569d14cd` because `logger` is not needed on **Android**
+* [CB-10035]( Updated `RELEASENOTES` to be
newest to oldest
+* [CB-9728]( Solving memory leak issues due
to opened cursor objects
+* [CB-9940]( Adding namespace declarations
for `m3` and uap to `plugin.xml`. 
+* [CB-9905]( mark tests as pending if **iOS**
permission is blocked.
+* Refactored `ContactManager` after feedback
+* Commit of Contacts Plugin with new `API` for new **MarshMallow** permissions for **Android
+* Fixing contribute link.
+* [CB-9823]( Making sure the `photoCursor`
is always closed.
+* Shortened multiple references to use `CommonDataKinds` directly
+* removed multiple calls `toLowerCase(Locale.getDefault())` for the same string, use type
Phone `enum` directly.
+* [CB-8537]( Updated source to pass `Fortify`
+* Update `ContactProxy.js`
+* Do not return absolute path for contact images.
+* [CB-9579]( Fixed failed tests when `DeleteMe`
contact already exists
+* [CB-9054]( Can't fully reproduce, but we
should probably wrap this in an exception anyway.
+* [CB-10035]( Updated `RELEASENOTES` to be
newest to oldest
+* Add `isVirtual` for **Windows Phone 8.x**
+* Added basic **Android** support for hardware serial number
+* [CB-9865]( Better simulator detection for
+* Fixing contribute link.
+* Added **WP8** implementation
+* update to use `TARGET_OS_SIMULATOR` as `TARGET_IPHONE_SIMULATOR` is deprecated.
+* update code to use 'isVirtual'
+* create test to verify existence and type of new property 'isVirtual'
+* add `isSimulator` for **iOS** & **Android** device
+* Updated documentation to mention backwards compatibility
+* Updated **README** to reflect new behaviour and quirks on **iOS**
+* Check user defaults first to maintain backwards compatibility
+* Changed `UUID` to use `[UIDevice identifierForVendor]`
+* [CB-10035]( Updated `RELEASENOTES` to be
newest to oldest
+* access all `accel` properties via getters
+* Return error when `accelerometer` not available, skip/pending tests when accel not available,
use getters for properties
+* Returning an `OK PluginResult.Status` when starting
+* Update ``
+* Added **Android** quirk 
+* Fixing contribute link.
+* [CB-9426]( Fix exception when using device
motion plugin on **browser** platform.
+* [CB-9339]( Increase the default sensor accuracy
+* [CB-10035]( Updated `RELEASENOTES` to be
newest to oldest
+* [CB-4596]( Fix `timestamp` to be `DOMTimeStamp`
across the board
+* Fixing contribute link.
+* [CB-9426]( Fix exception when using device
orientation plugin on **browser** platform.
+* [CB-10035]( Updated `RELEASENOTES` to be
newest to oldest
+* [CB-8549]( Updated source to pass `Fortify`
+* Fixing contribute link.
+* add `CSS class` to prompt `div` for **Windows** platform
+* [CB-9347]( - fix to allow to stack multiple
+* [CB-10035]( Updated `RELEASENOTES` to be
newest to oldest
+* [CB-8497]( Fix handling of file paths with
`#` character
+* Do not inject default `AndroidPersistentFileLocation` into `config.xml`
+* [CB-9891]( Fix permission errors due to
`URI encoding` inconsistency on **Android**
+* Fixed `NullPointer Exception` in **Android 5** and above due to invalid column name on
+* Fix default persistent file location
+* fix `applicationDirectory` to use `ms-appx:///`
+* Add **Windows** paths to `cordova.file` object
+* [CB-9851]( Document `cdvfile` protocol quirk
- using `cdvfile://` in the `DOM` is not supported on **Windows**
+* [CB-9752]( `getDirectory` fails on valid
directory with assets filesystem
+* [CB-7253]( `requestFileSystem` fails when
no external storage is present
+* Adding permissions for **Marshmallow**. Now supports **Anrdoid 6.0**
+* Fixing contribute link.
+* always use setters to fix memory issues without `ARC` for **iOS**
+* [CB-9331]( `getFreeDiskSpace` **iOS**.
+* override `resolveLocalFileSystemURL` by `webkitResolveLocalFileSystemURL` for **browser**
platform add `.project` into git ignore list
+* Fail with `FileError.ENCODING_ERR` on encoding exception.
+* [CB-9544]( Add file plugin for **OSX**
+* [CB-9539]( Fixed test failure on **Android**
+* Added docs on `CSP` rules needed for using `cdvfile` in DOM src. This closes #120
+* Added `cdvfile` protocol purpose description and examples
+* [CB-10035]( Updated `RELEASENOTES` to be
newest to oldest
+* [CB-9879]( `getCookie`s can cause unhandled
+* [CB-6928]( Wrong behaviour transferring cacheable
+* [CB-51]( FileTransfer - Support `PUT` Method
+* [CB-9906]( cleanup duplicate code, removed
2nd `isWP8` declaration.
+* [CB-9950]( Unpend Filetransfer spec.27 on
**wp8** as custom headers are now supported
+* [CB-9843]( Added **wp8** quirk to test spec
+* Fixing contribute link.
+* [CB-8431]( File Transfer tests crash on **Android
+* [CB-9790]( Align `FileUploadOptions` `fileName`
and `mimeType` default parameter values to the docs on **iOS**
+* [CB-9385]( Return `FILE_NOT_FOUND_ERR` when
receiving `404` code on **iOS**
+* [CB-9791]( Decreased download and upload
tests timeout
+* [CB-10035]( Updated `RELEASENOTES` to be
newest to oldest
+* [CB-9907]( Handle **iOS** tests that fail
when ios simulator does not have a location
+* [CB-8826]( Check for `NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription`
+* [CB-9105]( Fixing `JS` errors in the shim
+* Added support for new permissions model for **Android 6.0** aka **Marshmallow**
+* Expect `lastPosition` to have a `timestamp` that is already in `msecs`
+* [CB-4596]( Date objects are supposed to be
+* Fixing contribute link.
+* [CB-9355]( Fix Geolocation plugin start watch
fail related to unset `MovementThreshold` on **Windows 10**
+* [CB-10035]( Updated `RELEASENOTES` to be
newest to oldest
+* Fixing contribute link.
+* [CB-9409]( check that `localeIdentifier`
has underscore
+* [CB-9476]( `Mobilespec` crash on startup
when running on **Windows 10**.
+* Fixing license headers and adding `moment.js` to `.ratignore`.
+* [CB-10035]( Updated `RELEASENOTES` to be
newest to oldest
+* Invoke webview if using local file
+* Fixed `zIndex` issue on **Windows 8**, where InAppBrowser opens behind default app.
+* fix `async` self usage
+* [CB-9150]( Fix InAppBrowser `executeScript`
crash on **Windows** if no data returned
+* [CB-10008]( Fix InAppBrowser popup layout
on **Windows**
+* Setting `setStatusBarStyle` to `-1` causes `CGContextSaveGState`.
+* [CB-9167]( Fix crash on **browser** window
+* [CB-9799]( Fixed `javaDoc` errors.
+* Fixing contribute link.
+* [CB-9760]( InAppBrowser: fallback to default
`` behavior on **Ripple**
+* [CB-9378]( Fix InAppBrowser not taking whole
screen on **Windows**
+* [CB-9158]( - InAppBrowser `zoomControls`
are always set to true
+* [CB-10035]( Updated `RELEASENOTES` to be
newest to oldest
+* Fixing contribute link.
+* [CB-10035]( Updated `RELEASENOTES` to be
newest to oldest
+* Media now supports new permissions for **Android 6.0** aka **Marshmallow**
+* Fixing contribute link.
+* [CB-9619]( Fixed tests waiting for precise
+* [CB-9606]( Fixes arguments parsing in `seekAudio`
+* [CB-9605]( Fixes issue with playback resume
after pause on **WP8**
+* fix record and play `NullPointerException`
+* [CB-9237]( Add `cdvfile://` support to media
plugin on **Windows** platform
+* [CB-9238]( Media plugin cannot record audio
on **Windows**
+* Added **iOS** platform `media.setRate` auto test
+* Add **iOS** platform check in `Media.prototype.setRate`
+* Add `Media.prototype.setRate` method (only for **iOS**)
+* [CB-10035]( Updated `RELEASENOTES` to be
newest to oldest
+* Fixing contribute link.
+* [CB-9249]( Fix **iOS** warnings in Media
Capture plugin
+* Document the quality property in **Android** quirks
+* Add `CaptureVideoOption` for quality
+* [CB-10035]( Updated `RELEASENOTES` to be
newest to oldest
+* Fixing contribute link.
+* These notifications are objects so their address always evaluates to true.
+* Update ``
+* [CB-9542]( `Browser Proxy` not defined correctly
+* Solved `toLowerCase` issue with `Locale.US`
+* [CB-10035]( Updated `RELEASENOTES` to be
newest to oldest
+* Fixing contribute link.
+* [CB-9750]( `FadeSplashDuration` is now in
+* [CB-8875]( `FadeSplashScreen` was not fading
+* [CB-9467]( SplashScreen does not show any
image in hosted app on **Windows 10**
+* [CB-7282]( Document `AutoHideSplashScreenpreference`
+* [CB-9327]( - Splashscreen not receiving `CDVPageLoadNotification`
+* WP8: Avoid config `value` of a wrong element.
+* [CB-10035]( Updated `RELEASENOTES` to be
newest to oldest
+* Added `weakSelf` reference for block use
+* Fixes [CB-4712](, [CB-5439](
statusbar issues
+* Fixing contribute link.
+* [CB-7965]( Add cordova-plugin-statusbar support
for **browser** platform
+* Don't use `IsAtLeastiOSVersion` macro to determine height
+* Use correct statusbar height for landscape orientation in **iOS** >= 8
+* [CB-9202]( updated repo url to github mirror
in package.json
+* Added verbose install text for users on < cordova 5.0
+* update docs for `StatusBarBackgroundColor`
+* [CB-10035]( Updated `RELEASENOTES` to be
newest to oldest
+* [CB-8973]( Changed the functionality of
making the `log` appear and disappear
+* Ensure `WinJS` is available when adding **Windows** unhandled error hook
+* [CB-10035]( Updated `RELEASENOTES` to be
newest to oldest
+* Fixing contribute link.
+* Fixed **browser** platform to pass tests and combined tests
+* Removed call to add `proxy` and renamed **browser** file
+* [CB-7966]( Add cordova-plugin-vibration support
for **browser** platform
+* [CB-9166]( Changed `plugin.xml` framework
reference condition to be valid XML.
+* removed **iOS** engine check from `plugin.xml`
+* [CB-10035]( Updated `RELEASENOTES` to be
newest to oldest
+* [CB-9972]( - Remove **iOS** whitelist
+* Updated the text, it should read 4.0.x and greater, since this plugin will be required
for `cordova-android 5.0`
+* Fixing contribute link.
+* Updated `plugin.xml <info>` tag to remove warning about not needing this plugin if
you are using the **iOS 9 SDK**
+* [CB-9738]( - Disable whitelist use when runtime
environment is **iOS 9**
+* [CB-9740]( - Add `<info>` tag describing
whitelist plugin not needed on `cordova-ios` and cordova-android 3.x`
+* [CB-9568]( - Update whitelist plugin to allow
all network access by default
+* [CB-9337]( - enable use of `<access>`
tags for native code network requests

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