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Subject android commit: Prune 3.7.0 RELEASENOTES to a more glanceable list
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2015 19:48:01 GMT
Repository: cordova-android
Updated Branches:
  refs/heads/master ce351f5c3 -> fb8e35bb4

Prune 3.7.0 RELEASENOTES to a more glanceable list


Branch: refs/heads/master
Commit: fb8e35bb44896ecb71f40d358109b943f5f3839a
Parents: ce351f5
Author: Andrew Grieve <>
Authored: Tue Feb 3 14:47:42 2015 -0500
Committer: Andrew Grieve <>
Committed: Tue Feb 3 14:47:42 2015 -0500

---------------------------------------------------------------------- | 70 ++++++----------------------------------------------
 1 file changed, 8 insertions(+), 62 deletions(-)
diff --git a/ b/
index f501b4f..5e9f7e8 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -24,82 +24,28 @@
 * CB-8328 Allow plugins to handle certificate challenges (close #150)
 * CB-8201 Add support for auth dialogs into Cordova Android
-* CB-8255 Pass `arch` to gradle regardless of `cdvBuildMultipleApks`
-* CB-8255 Fix `cordova/build --gradleVar=--foo=bar` stripping off `=bar`
 * CB-8017 Add support for `<input type=file>` for Lollipop
+* CB-8143 Loads of gradle improvements (try it with cordova/build --gradle)
 * CB-8329 Cancel outstanding ActivityResult requests when a new startActivityForResult occurs
-* CB-8280 android: Don't apply SplashScreenDelay when .show() is called explicitly
-* CB-4914 Fix build whitespace issue
-* CB-8210 Remove unused onDestroy channel (close #146)
-* CB-8026: Bumping up Android Version and setting it up to allow third-party cookies.  This
might change later.
-* CB-8255 Use properties rather than environment variables for gradle settings
-* CB-8210 Drop events from native that occur before start-up
-* CB-8210 Use PluginResult for various events from native (close #144)
+* CB-8026 Bumping up Android Version and setting it up to allow third-party cookies.  This
might change later.
+* CB-8210 Use PluginResult for various events from native so that content-security-policy
<meta> can be used
 * CB-8168 Add support for `cordova/run --list` (closes #139)
-* CB-8210 Use PluginResult instead of sendJavascript() for keyboard events (close #142)
-* CB-8228 Gradle: Allow plugins to use Maven dependencies
-* CB-8229 Gradle: Add CordovaLib as a dependency to all plugin sub-projects
-* CB-7980 Add --minSdkVersion and --versionCode flags to cordova/build command
-* CB-7980: Add 9 to versionCode for minSdk 20+ if not multiarch
-* CB-8204: Reinstate link tasks to avoid gradle build failures
-* CB-8143 Use gradle 2.2.1 instead of 1.12 to appease Android Studio 1.0 warning-on-startup
-* CB-8143 Use gradle plugin 1.0.0 for Android Studio 1.0.0
-* CB-8202 Fix gradle build signing when passwords provided interactively
-* CB-8176 Update Android SDK search path for Android Studio 1.0
+* CB-8176 Vastly better auto-detection of SDK & JDK locations
 * CB-8079 Use activity class package name, but fallback to application package name when
looking for splash screen drawable
 * CB-8147 Have corodva/build warn about unrecognized flags rather than fail
 * CB-7881 Android tooling shouldn't lock application directory
-* CB-3679 Move splashscreen logic into splashscreen plugin
-* CB-8143: Use the correct Android Gradle plugin for the installed Gradle version
-* CB-8119 Restart adb when we detect it's hung
 * CB-8112 Turn off mediaPlaybackRequiresUserGesture
 * CB-6153 Add a preference for controlling hardware button audio stream (DefaultVolumeStream)
-* CB-8081 Allow gradle builds to use Java 6 instead of requiring 7
 * CB-8031 Fix race condition that shows as ConcurrentModificationException
-* CB-7976 Use webView's context rather than Activity's context for intent receiver
 * CB-7974 Cancel timeout timer if view is destroyed
 * CB-7940 Disable exec bridge if bridgeSecret is wrong
-* CB-7758: Allow content-url-hosted pages to access the bridge
-* CB-7726 fix typo in gitignore: ant-built -> ant-build
-* Replacing Math.random() with something a little more random.
+* CB-7758 Allow content-url-hosted pages to access the bridge
 * CB-6511 Fixes build for android when app name contains unicode characters.
-* CB-7707 Added multipart PluginResult (close #125)
-* CB-7714 Teach check_reqs about brew's install location for android SDK
-* Fix --shared flag of create script (broke in recent gradle changes)
-* Update .gitignore to ignore /framework/build and /node_modules
+* CB-7707 Added multipart PluginResult
 * CB-6837 Fix leaked window when hitting back button while alert being rendered
-* CB-7674: Added sleep to avoid null error after most recent change to not break API
-* CB-7674 move preference activation back into onCreate()
-* CB-7634 Detect JAVA_HOME properly on Ubuntu
-* CB-7410 update the docs to match the actual title
-* CB-7512 Use a standard build.gradle for all plugins
-* CB-7512 Make gradle build only a single config for sub-libraries (release vs debug)
-* CB-7579 Fix run script's ability to use non-arch-specific APKs
-* CB-7512 Fix gradle asking for release password when building for debug
-* CB-7493 Adds test-build command to package.json
-* CB-3445: Make minSdkVersion and base versionCode settable through env vars
-* CB-7512 Make key password optional & prompt for it when missing
-* CB-7512 Fix gradle not copying all archs to out/ (broken by prev commit)
-* CB-7512 Use aligned apk rather than unaligned apk when sorting
-* CB-7512 Speed up gradle builds by building debug or release (not both)
-* CB-7512 Add gradle environment vars for signing apks
-* CB-7512 Change gradle android plugins from 0.10 -> 0.12
-* CB-7536 check_reqs: windows tweaks + sdk manager error message
-* CB-7499, support RTL text direction
-* CB-7554 Use x86 apk when deploying to an intel device / emulator
-* CB-7512: Fix logic for detecting SDK directory
-* CB-7536 Tweak Android SDK not installed error message.
-* CB-7536 Tweak error messages for missing JDK / SDK / AVDs
-* CB-7511 Auto-detect android sdk when using stand-alone sdk installer
-* CB-7512: Copy cordova.gradle file to project root on build
+* CB-7674 Move preference activation back into onCreate()
+* CB-7499 Support RTL text direction
 * CB-7330 Don't run check_reqs for bin/create.
-* CB-7512: Read android target from if possible
-* CB-7512: Determine SDK and build tools version dynamcally at build time
-* CB-7463: Adding licence to project template gradle file
-* CB-7511 Auto-detect Android SDK when Android Studio is installed
-* CB-7463: Looked at the Apache BigTop git, gradle uses C-style comments
-* CB-7463: Adding licences.  I don't know what the gradle syntax is for comments, that still
needs to be done.
-* CB-7460: Fixing bug with KitKat where the background colour would override the CSS colours
on the application
 ### 3.6.4 (Sept 30, 2014) ###

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