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Subject [4/6] docs commit: CB-6698 Remove explicit `<source-file>` from example since `<framework>` now copies it in by default
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2014 15:33:08 GMT
CB-6698 Remove explicit `<source-file>` from example since `<framework>` now copies
it in by default


Branch: refs/heads/master
Commit: cfcf1de96b88cb416bab63292256afaf4542df7f
Parents: 900c43e
Author: Andrew Grieve <>
Authored: Fri Jun 27 11:13:09 2014 -0400
Committer: Andrew Grieve <>
Committed: Fri Jun 27 11:31:25 2014 -0400

 docs/en/edge/plugin_ref/ | 6 ++----
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)
diff --git a/docs/en/edge/plugin_ref/ b/docs/en/edge/plugin_ref/
index 0885cbd..0767fc6 100644
--- a/docs/en/edge/plugin_ref/
+++ b/docs/en/edge/plugin_ref/
@@ -528,9 +528,7 @@ The optional `custom` attribute is a boolean indicating whether the framework
 The optional `type` attribute is a string indicating the type of framework to add. Currently
only `projectReference` is supported and only on Windows 8.  Using `custom='true'` and `type='projectReference'`
will add a reference to the project which will be added to the compile+link steps of the cordova
project.  This essentially is the only way currently that a 'custom' framework can target
multiple architectures as they are explicitly built as a dependency by the referencing cordova
 The optional `parent` attribute is currently supported only on Android. It sets the relative
path to the directory containing the sub-project to which to add the reference. The default
is `.`, i.e. the application project. It allows to add references between sub projects like
in this example:
-	<source-file src="src/android/FeedbackLib" target-dir="./" />
 	<framework src="FeedbackLib" custom="true" />
 	<framework src="extras/android/support/v7/appcompat" custom="false" parent="FeedbackLib"
@@ -544,7 +542,7 @@ plugman's scope.  Examples:
     You need to install __Google Play Services__ from the `Android Extras` section using
the Android SDK manager (run `android`).
     You need to add the following line to the ``:

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