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Subject git commit: Fix READMEs and REALEASENOTES.
Date Fri, 02 May 2014 18:18:22 GMT
Repository: cordova-lib
Updated Branches:
  refs/heads/master b9ca7fb5c -> 78a285f22



Branch: refs/heads/master
Commit: 78a285f222a78679a10adf27ad1a942c9eb21007
Parents: b9ca7fb
Author: Mark Koudritsky <>
Authored: Fri May 2 14:17:59 2014 -0400
Committer: Mark Koudritsky <>
Committed: Fri May 2 14:17:59 2014 -0400

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diff --git a/ b/
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@@ -19,307 +19,5 @@
-# cordova-cli
-> The command line tool to build, deploy and manage [Cordova](
-[Apache Cordova]( allows for building native mobile applications using
HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This tool helps with management of multi-platform Cordova applications
as well as Cordova plugin integration.
-Check out the [Getting Started guides]( for more
details on how to work with Cordova sub-projects.
-# Supported Cordova Platforms
-- Amazon Fire OS
-- Android
-- BlackBerry 10
-- iOS
-- Ubuntu
-- Windows Phone 7 &amp; 8
-- Windows 8
-> **Note: Windows Phone 7 is deprecated as a target platform. Support will be removed
in version 3.7.0, approx. May 2014.**
-# Requirements
-* [Node.js](
-* SDKs for each platform you wish to support:
-  - **Android**: [Android SDK]( - **NOTE** This tool
-    will not work unless you have the absolute latest updates for all
-    Android SDK components. Also you will need the SDK's `tools` and `platform-tools` directories
on your __system path__ otherwise Android support will fail.
-  - [Amazon Fire OS SDK](
- **NOTE** This tool will not work unless you have Android SDK installed and paths are updated
as mentioned above. In addition you need to install AmazonWebView SDK and copy awv_interface.jar
to corodva-amazon-fireos/framework/libs folder. If libs folder does not exist then create
-  - [Windows Phone SDK]( - **NOTE** This tool
will not work unless you have `msbuild` on your __system path__ otherwise Windows Phone support
will fail (`msbuild.exe` is generally located in `C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319`).
-  - **BlackBerry 10**: [BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK](
Make sure you have the `dependencies/tools/bin` folder inside the SDK directory added to your
-  - **iOS**: [iOS SDK]( with the latest `Xcode` and `Xcode Command
Line Tools`
-  - **Windows Phone**: [Windows Phone SDK](
- **NOTE** This tool will not work unless you have `msbuild` on your __system path__ otherwise
Windows Phone support will fail (`msbuild.exe` is generally located in `C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319`).
-`cordova-cli` has been tested on **Mac OS X**, **Linux**, **Windows 7**, and **Windows 8**.
-Please note that some platforms have OS restrictions.  For example, you cannot build for
Windows 8 or Windows Phone 7 & 8 on Mac OS X, nor can you build for iOS on Windows.
-# Install
-Ubuntu packages are available in a PPA for Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy) (the current release) as
well as 14.04 (Trusty) (under development).
-    sudo apt-add-repository ppa:cordova-ubuntu/ppa
-    sudo apt-get update
-    sudo apt-get install cordova-cli
-    npm install -g cordova
-To build an application for the Ubuntu platform, the following extra packages are required:
-    sudo apt-get install cmake debhelper libx11-dev libicu-dev pkg-config qtbase5-dev qtchooser
qtdeclarative5-dev qtfeedback5-dev qtlocation5-dev qtmultimedia5-dev qtpim5-dev qtsensors5-dev
-## Installing from master
-You'll need to install both [CLI](
and [Plugman]( from `git`. Running
the *npm version* of one and *(git) master version* of the other is likely to end with you
-To avoid using sudo, see [Get away from sudo: npm without root](
-Run the following commands:
-    git clone
-    cd cordova-plugman
-    npm install
-    sudo npm link
-    cd ..
-    git clone
-    cd cordova-cli
-    npm install
-    sudo npm link
-    npm link plugman
-Now the `cordova` and `plugman` in your path are the local git versions. Don't forget to
keep them up to date!
-## Installing on Ubuntu
-    apt-get install cordova-cli
-# Getting Started
-`cordova-cli` has a single global `create` command that creates new cordova projects into
a specified directory. Once you create a project, `cd` into it and you can execute a variety
of project-level commands. Completely inspired by git's interface.
-## Global Commands
-- `help` display a help page with all available commands
-- `create <directory> [<id> [<name>]]` create a new cordova project with
optional name and id (package name, reverse-domain style)
-<a name="project_commands" />
-## Project Commands
-- `platform [ls | list]` list all platforms for which the project will build
-- `platform add <platform> [<platform> ...]` add one (or more) platforms as a
build target for the project
-- `platform [rm | remove] <platform> [<platform> ...]` removes one (or more)
platform build targets from the project
-- `platform [up | update] <platform> ` - updates the Cordova version used for the given
-- `plugin [ls | list]` list all plugins included in the project
-- `plugin add <path-to-plugin> [<path-to-plugin> ...]` add one (or more) plugins
to the project
-- `plugin [rm | remove] <plugin-name> [<plugin-name> ...]` remove one (or more)
plugins from the project.
-- `plugin search [<keyword1> <keyword2> ...]` search the plugin registry for
plugins matching the list of keywords
-- `prepare [platform...]` copies files into the specified platforms, or all platforms. It
is then ready for building by `Eclipse`, `Xcode`, etc.
-- `compile [platform...]` compiles the app into a binary for each targetted platform. With
no parameters, builds for all platforms, otherwise builds for the specified platforms.
-- `build [<platform> [<platform> [...]]]` an alias for `cordova prepare` followed
by `cordova compile`
-- `emulate [<platform> [<platform> [...]]]` launch emulators and deploy app to
them. With no parameters emulates for all platforms added to the project, otherwise emulates
for the specified platforms
-- `serve [port]` launch a local web server allowing you to access each  platform's www directory
on the given port (default 8000).
-### Optional Flags
-- `-d` or `--verbose` will pipe out more verbose output to your shell. You can also subscribe
to `log` and `warn` events if you are consuming `cordova-cli` as a node module by calling
`cordova.on('log', function() {})` or `cordova.on('warn', function() {})`.
-- `-v` or `--version` will print out the version of your `cordova-cli` install.
-# Project Directory Structure
-A Cordova application built with `cordova-cli` will have the following directory structure:
-    myApp/
-    |-- config.xml
-    |-- hooks/
-    |-- merges/
-    | | |-- android/
-    | | |-- blackberry10/
-    | | `-- ios/
-    |-- www/
-    |-- platforms/
-    | |-- android/
-    | |-- blackberry10/
-    | `-- ios/
-    `-- plugins/
-## hooks/
-This directory may contains scripts used to customize cordova commands. This
-directory used to exist at `.cordova/hooks`, but has now been moved to the
-project root. Any scripts you add to these directories will be executed before
-and after the commands corresponding to the directory name. Useful for
-integrating your own build systems or integrating with version control systems.
-Refer to [templates/](templates/ for more information.
-## merges/
-Platform-specific web assets (HTML, CSS and JavaScript files) are contained within appropriate
subfolders in this directory. These are deployed during a `prepare` to the appropriate native
directory.  Files placed under `merges/` will override matching files in the `www/` folder
for the relevant platform. A quick example, assuming a project structure of:
-    merges/
-    |-- ios/
-    | `-- app.js
-    |-- android/
-    | `-- android.js
-    www/
-    `-- app.js
-After building the Android and iOS projects, the Android application will contain both `app.js`
and `android.js`. However, the iOS application will only contain an `app.js`, and it will
be the one from `merges/ios/app.js`, overriding the "common" `app.js` located inside `www/`.
-## www/
-Contains the project's web artifacts, such as .html, .css and .js files. These are your main
application assets. They will be copied on a `cordova prepare` to each platform's www directory.
-### Your Blanket: config.xml
-This file is what you should be editing to modify your application's metadata. Any time you
run any cordova-cli commands, the tool will look at the contents of `config.xml` and use all
relevant info from this file to define native application information. cordova-cli supports
changing your application's data via the following elements inside the `config.xml` file:
-- The user-facing name can be modified via the contents of the `<name>` element.
-- The package name (AKA bundle identifier or application id) can be modified via the `id`
attribute from the top-level `<widget>` element.
-- The version can be modified via the `version` attribute from the top-level `<widget>`
-- The whitelist can be modified using the `<access>` elements. Make sure the `origin`
attribute of your `<access>` element points to a valid URL (you can use `*` as wildcard).
For more information on the whitelisting syntax, see the [](
You can use either attribute `uri` ([BlackBerry-proprietary](
or `origin` ([standards-compliant]( to denote
the domain.
-- Platform-specific preferences can be customized via `<preference>` tags. See [](
for a list of preferences you can use.
-- The entry/start page for your application can be defined via the `<content src>`
element + attribute.
-## platforms/
-Platforms added to your application will have the native application project structures laid
out within this directory.
-## plugins/
-Any added plugins will be extracted or copied into this directory.
-# Hooks
-Projects created by cordova-cli have `before` and `after` hooks for each [project command](#project_commands).
-There are two types of hooks: project-specific ones and module-level ones. Both of these
types of hooks receive the project root folder as a parameter.
-## Project-specific Hooks
-These are located under the `hooks` directory in the root of your cordova project. Any scripts
you add to these directories will be executed before and after the appropriate commands. Useful
for integrating your own build systems or integrating with version control systems. __Remember__:
make your scripts executable.
-### Examples
-- [`before_build` hook for jade template compiling]( courtesy
of [dpogue](
-## Module-level Hooks
-If you are using cordova-cli as a module within a larger **Node** application, you can also
use the standard `EventEmitter` methods to attach to the events. The events include `before_build`,
`before_compile`, `before_docs`, `before_emulate`, `before_run`, `before_platform_add`, `before_library_download`,
`before_platform_ls`, `before_platform_rm`, `before_plugin_add`, `before_plugin_ls`, `before_plugin_rm`
and `before_prepare`. There is also a `library_download` progress event. Additionally, there
are `after_` flavours of all the above events.
-Once you `require('cordova')` in your Node project, you will have the usual `EventEmitter`
methods available (`on`, `off` or `removeListener`, `removeAllListeners`, and `emit` or `trigger`).
-# Examples
-## Creating a new cordova project
-This example shows how to create a project from scratch named KewlApp with iOS and Android
platform support, and includes a plugin named Kewlio. The project will live in ~/KewlApp
-    cordova create ~/KewlApp KewlApp
-    cd ~/KewlApp
-    cordova platform add ios android
-    cordova plugin add
-    cordova build
-The directory structure of KewlApp now looks like this:
-    KewlApp/
-    |-- hooks/
-    |-- merges/
-    | |-- android/
-    | `-- ios/
-    |-- www/
-    | `-- index.html
-    |-- platforms/
-    | |-- android/
-    | | `-- …
-    | `-- ios/
-    |   `-- …
-    `-- plugins/
-      `-- Kewlio/
-# Contributing
-## Running Tests
-    npm test
-## TO-DO + Issues
-Please check [Cordova issues with the CLI Component]( If you find
issues with this tool, please be so kind as to include relevant information needed to debug
issues such as:
-- Your operating system and version
-- The application name, directory location, and identifier used with `create`
-- Which mobile SDKs you have installed, and their versions. Related to this: which `Xcode`
version if you are submitting issues related to iOS
-- Any error stack traces you received
-## Contributors
-Thanks to everyone for contributing! For a list of people involved, please see the `package.json`
-# Known Issues and Troubleshooting
-## Any OS
-### Proxy Settings
-`cordova-cli` will use `npm`'s proxy settings. If you downloaded cordova-cli via `npm` and
are behind a proxy, chances are cordova-cli should work for you as it will use those settings
in the first place. Make sure that the `https-proxy` and `proxy` npm config variables are
set properly. See [npm's configuration documentation]( for
more information.
-## Windows
-### Trouble Adding Android as a Platform
-When trying to add a platform on a Windows machine if you run into the following error message:
-    cordova library for "android" already exists. No need to download. Continuing.
-    Checking if platform "android" passes minimum requirements...
-    Checking Android requirements...
-    Running "android list target" (output to follow)
-    Error: The command `android` failed. Make sure you have the latest Android SDK installed,
and the `android` command (inside the tools/ folder) added t
-    o your path. Output:
-    at C:\Users\me\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\cordova\src\platform.js:185:42
-    at C:\Users\me\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\cordova\src\metadata\android_parser.js:50:13
-    at C:\Users\me\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\cordova\node_modules\shelljs\shell.js:1707:7
-    at exithandler (child_process.js:633:7)
-    at ChildProcess.errorhandler (child_process.js:649:5)
-    at ChildProcess.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:95:17)
-    at Process.ChildProcess._handle.onexit (child_process.js:787:12)
-run the command `android list target`.  If you see:
-    'xcopy' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
-    operable program or batch file.
-at the beginning of the command output, it means you will need to fix your Windows Path variable
to include xcopy. This location is typically under C:\Windows\System32.
-## Windows 8
-Windows 8 support does not include the ability to launch/run/emulate, so you will need to
open **Visual Studio** to see your app live.  You are still able to use the following commands
with windows8:
-- `platform add windows8`
-- `platform remove windows8`
-- `prepare windows8`
-- `compile windows8`
-- `build windows8`
-To run your app, you will need to open the `.sln` in the `platforms/windows8` folder using
**Visual Studio 2012**.
-**Visual Studio** will tell you to reload the project if you run any of the above commands
while the project is loaded.
-## Amazon Fire OS
-Amazon Fire OS does not include the ability to emulate. You are still able to use the following
commands with Amazon Fire OS
-- `platform add amazon-fireos`
-- `platform remove amazon-fireos`
-- `prepare amazon-fireos`
-- `compile amazon-fireos`
-- `build amazon-fireos`
-## Ubuntu
-The initial release of cordova-ubuntu does not support building applications for armhf devices
automatically. It is possible to produce applications and click packages in a few steps though.
-This bug report documents the issue and solutions for it:
A future release will let developers cross-compile armhf click packages directly from an x86
-## Firefox OS
-Firefox OS does not include the ability to emulate, run and serve. After building, you will
have to open the firefoxos platform directory of your app in the App Manager that comes with
every firefox browser. 
+# cordova-lib
+Contains npm modules used primarily by [cordova](
and [plugman](
\ No newline at end of file
diff --git a/cordova-lib/ b/cordova-lib/
index a099036..aacca52 100644
--- a/cordova-lib/
+++ b/cordova-lib/
@@ -1 +1,23 @@
+# Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
+# or more contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file
+# distributed with this work for additional information
+# regarding copyright ownership.  The ASF licenses this file
+# to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
+# "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
+# with the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at
+# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,
+# software distributed under the License is distributed on an
+#  KIND, either express or implied.  See the License for the
+# specific language governing permissions and limitations
+# under the License.
+Contains code common to [cordova]( and [plugman](
\ No newline at end of file
diff --git a/cordova-lib/ b/cordova-lib/
index 7fe4f44..596d7fc 100644
--- a/cordova-lib/
+++ b/cordova-lib/
@@ -18,273 +18,6 @@
 # under the License.
-# Cordova-cli Release Notes
+# Cordova-lib Release Notes
-### 3.4.0-0.1.3 (Mar 3, 2014)
-* Update to plugman v0.20.2
-### 3.4.0-0.1.2 (Feb 28, 2014)
-* Update to plugman v0.20.1
-### 3.4.0-0.1.1 (Feb 26, 2014)
-* Update to plugman v0.20.0
-* CB-5647 Remove concept of .staging dir. Install directly to www/
-* CB-5299 Speed up prepare by using plugman's new reapply_global_munge()
-* Refactored config_parser.js to simply both it and its tests.
-* CB-6076 Make "Generating config.xml from defaults" a verbose log
-* CB-5181 Use spawn helper for all sub-shelling.
-* CB-6049, CB-5181 Enable stdio for build sub-commands and hooks
-## 3.4.0-0.1.0 (Feb 14, 2014)
-* CB-5638 Clean-up: remove unreachable info case from function
-* CB-5937 Add "platform check" command: Shows platforms that are out of date
-* CB-5634 Minor refactoring + tests for Android's orientation preference.
-* CB-5634 Set Android orientation from config.xml
-* Upleveled amazon_fireos_parser. Making it at par with android_parser.js
-* CB-5947 Throw when trying to create project inside custom www.
-* CB-4153 Update help.txt about --source -> --copy-from
-## 3.3.1-0.3.1 (Jan 31, 2014)
-* CB-4153 Rename --source and --link flags to --copy-from and --link-to
-## 3.3.1-0.3.0 (Jan 30, 2014)
-* Updated plugman dependency to 0.19.0
-* CB-5913 Fail more gracefully on Windows when symlinks fail.
-* Fix isWindows check in util.js to support win64
-* CB-5907 Make `cordova update` get version from platform's version script
-* CB-3612 Don't pass --device to "run" command by default.
-* CB-5493 lazy_load now downloads to a temp dir and then moves.
-* CB-5782 Hide stack trace for explicitly handled error conditions
-* CB-5590 Have config.xml version map to CFBundleShortVersionString instead of CFBundleVersion
-* CB-5299 Cache pbxproj to avoid re-parsing it for each plugin.
-* CB-5813 Fix missing quotes on update and ls commands
-* CB-5808 Fix lazy_load stripping off windows drive letters
-* Expose util.isCordova as cordova.findProjectRoot()
-* Allow lazy_load libs to work without an id and version for local paths.
-* Add an option to config.js to not write config.json during create.
-* Update node-xcode dependency to 0.6.6
-## 3.3.1-0.2.0 (Jan 15, 2014)
-* CB-5006 Add --searchpath to "plugin add" so that installing by ID will search local paths
before hitting the registry.
-* CB-4153 Add --src & --link to cordova create.
-* CB-5687 Make cordova commands work when CWD is inside of a symlink'ed www/
-* CB-4910 Default config.xml to the root instead of within www/
-* CB-5764 Move hooks/ to top-level instead of under .cordova
-* CB-5763 Don't create .cordova/ by default
-* CB-4871 Reduced package size significantly.
-* CB-4976 Don't use ~/.cordova/lib for local directory
-* CB-5777 Fix "platform update" not updating cordova.js
-* CB-5728 Files in merges must remain intact when removing platform
-## 3.3.0-0.1.0
-* CB-5347 Handle dangling platform symlink in cordova platform add
-* Added deprecation notice about wp7
-* updated plugman version to 0.17.0
-* CB-5573 relies on stderr content and error codes to detect a problem with xcode installation.
-* CB-4382 Pass cli arguments to project-level hooks
-* CB-5362 blackberry parser: support local cordova-blackberry
-* CB-5345 Add pre_package event for windows8 parser.
-## 3.2.0-0.4.0
-* Make sure errors during prepare are reported
-* CB-5031 Add CLI help text for platform update and plugin search
-* CB-5298 Remove redundant requirements check for iOS and Android. The bin/create scripts
-* windows8. fixes version number parsing logic
-* CB-4472 Remove <preference> from template config.xml
-## 3.2.0-0.3.0
-* CB-5501 fix blackberry10 platform
-* [android] fixing failing android parser spec tests
-* [android] call out to platform check_req script
-## 3.2.0-0.2.0
-* CB-5485 fixed issue with use of cordova cli api
-## 3.2.0-0.1.0
-* add the output of the plugman results to the console
-* CB-5363 Improve config_json error reporting
-* CB-5364 config_parser - check for null element text
-* Fix issue not finding platform script when in subdir - check platforms which have subdir
-* CB-5377 serve: should only indicate listening when it is
-* CB-5368 Cordova serve deflate content breaks IE
-* Change cordova serve's project.json to include etags.
-* CB-5280 Update serve's help text to remove platform arguments
-* CB-5364 config_parser - handle duplicates with children and text when merging
-* CB-5320 Document avoiding sudo
-* CB-4400: cd to project root in most cordova commands.
-* CB-5063: Revert to copying cordova.js before user www dir
-* fix 3 failing tests for windows8 and wp8 and add assertions for wp7 too.
-* Adding instructions for installing on master.
-* CB-5063: Keep cordova.js in platform_www to avoid copying it from lib.
-* CB-5307: Remove references to Callback and Incubator
-* tests were failing attempting to match lib/dir and lib\\dir on windows
-* CB-5183 WP7/8 lib path is not correctly resolved by CLI (additional changes)
-* CB-5283 Improved cordova serve message to be more descriptive
-* [CB-4866] Execute hooks in ascending order of any leading numbers
-* [CB-5143] Locate the actual Android app .java file much more carefully.
-* Cleaning up wp7+8 parsers' use of promises. Fix tests.
-* serve: Fix doRoot() not being called & remove duplicated table.
-* serve: provide basic entry point
-* Code style (indentation)
-* Wait for the pre_package event to finish, or the update_csproj function might give unexpected
-* Add pre_package event to wp8 project
-* readability + code quality in wp7+8 parsers
-* CB-5183 WP7/8 custom_path is not correctly resolved by CLI
-* [CB-4994] Update xcode dependency to handle Xcode 5 capabilities.
-* [CB-5220] "An error occurred" is missing an "A" ...
-## 3.1.0-0.2.0
-* increased version of plugman to 0.14.0 in package.json
-* CB-5187: remove unused var os_platform
-* CB:5187 on node  windows broken compile, emulate, run
-* [CB-4976] Don't symlink into ~/.cordova/lib for local libs
-* [CB-5142] improve grammar of emulate description
-* [CB-5147] emulate needs a space before error message
-* CB-5125 add tests for chil process spawn
-* CB-5125: replace child process exec with spawn
-* CB-4748: Fail quickly if dir passed to cordova create is not empty.
-* CB-5106: removed flood of cp error messages when running tests
-* CB-5106:[wp7] fixed broken wp7 tests
-* CB-5106:[win8] fixed tests for windows 8
-* Using .find to grab visualelements instead
-* CB-5066: fixed issue with visual elements not being referenced correctly
-* windows8: remove debug console.log
-* windows8: fixed project parser issue, and updated tests
-* Update tests for commit d1c8024: update_project() should not call update_www() directly
-* begin firefoxos tests
-* CB-5066: dealing with windows8 issues
-* config.xml helper function is used, removed error merge of wp folder.
-* CB-5066: continuing merge of windows 8 stuff
-* CB-5066: merged in windows 8 support into master from cordova-3.1.x
-* config.xml helper function is used, removed error merge of wp folder.
-* CB-5066: continuing merge of windows 8 stuff
-* CB-5066: merged in windows 8 support into master from cordova-3.1.x
-* CB-2234 Add 'cordova info' command
-* CB-4774: Copy www assets before running plugin prepare
-* cordova help should return a Q. fixes CB-5070
-* updated to a version greater than our latest version on npm
-* added not about platform+os restrictions
-* added myself as a contributor, CB-5042 added info on windows8
-* CB-5067: added exception incase no platform level config.xml or defaults.xml exisit
-* added temp config path for ffos, fixed wp8 config_xml function
-* [CB-4774] Updated prepare flow to make platform config.xml a build output   - Adds a new
method to
-* CB-5032: clarify the help text
-* [CB-4621] Updating run and emulate commands to always provide default options
-* Log requests in cordova serve
-* Make cordova serve ignore dot files.
-* CB-4957: added fix for FFOS
-* Update "cordova serve" to work with promises refactoring
-* [CB-4774] Display proper error if cordova prepare run not in project dir.
-* Fixes a bug where cordova prepare bombs on a config missing a content element   - Changes
an undefi
-* Bumping elementtree version to 0.1.5 to match plugman and support namespaced xml elements
-* Fix cli.js tests broken by --silent change.
-* [CB-4877]: Add basic logging, --silent flag.
-* Fix busted test.
-* First pass
-* [CB-4883]: Graceful handling of lazy loading errors.
-* reapplied change to add event mid build to allow mods to www folder pre_package  aka 775e969f9cc27a
-* Remove two debugger; lines that snuck in.
-* [CB-4604] Execute hooks directly (not .bat files) cross-platform
-* Refactor to use Q.js promises in place of callbacks everywhere.
-* [CB-4837]: Version 3.0.10. Depends on Plugman 0.12.x.
-* Add missing license headers
-* Update repo versions to 3.1.0-rc1
-* Add `cordova update foo` command, with tests. [CB-4777]
-* Add version numbers to `platform ls` output.
-* [CB-4545] support for merges directory on both wp7 & wp8
-* Rename ->
-* Fix expectation for platform ls test, for firefoxos
-* Fix platforms.js: firefoxos.parser
-* CB:4657 added ffos support to cli
-* CB-4657: added staging_dir function to ff parser
-* add default manifest properties for firefox os platform
-* make the firefoxos parser actually build the project
-* change firefoxos link to tarball
-* add firefox platform
-* [CB-4797] Fix a crash on undefined platform in path.
-* [CB-4797] Add missing return statement in cordova serve
-* Fix broken tests due to lazy requiring change.
-* [CB-4797] Change `serve` command to serve platforms keyed off of path component.
-* [CB-4793] Lazily require modules in some places.
-* [CB-4325] Run platform installs in serial instead of in parallel
-* Version updated to 3.0.10-dev
-## 3.0.10
-Important note: This version targets Cordova version 3.1.0-rc1.
-### Notable
-- You can now `cordova platform update <platform>`, which calls the platform's update
script. Android, iOS, WP7 and WP8 have update scripts. Please give this a try and report any
-### Features
-- `platform ls` now shows the version of each installed platform.
-- `merges` are now supported on WP7+8.
-- `serve` now serves from ``, `/android/www`, etc., serving all
platforms at once.
-- Speed significantly improved by importing modules only on demand. `prepare` is much faster,
`platform ls` more than 10x faster.
-- Now with Firefox OS!
-### Bugfixes
-- Corner cases in `serve`.
-## 3.0.9
-### Features
-- `platform ls` now shows both installed and available-to-install platforms. [CB-3904](
-### Bugfixes
-- Plugins are now installed serially across all installed platforms, rather than in parallel.
This avoids race conditions in dependency installation. [CB-4184](
-- (WP8) All files from project www dir are now copied into the binary, not the top-level
www. This means merges and plugin assets are correctly handled.
-### 3.4.1-0.1.0 (Apr 03, 2014)
-* updated to use iOS 3.4.1
-* CB-6377 Fix up superspawn's cmd fallback when there is a space in the args
-* CB-6377 Remove windowsVerbatimArguments from superspawn
-* CB-6344 Fix spy to return a default platform JSON instead of an empty object
-* CB-6382 platform list: sort output
-* CB-6377 Handle spaces in paths for cmd related scripts
-* CB-6292 Add a callback-based API for cordova info (in addition to promise API)
-* CB-6292 Revert commits that add explicit callbacks to APIs
-* CB-6322 Simplify platforms/platform code for platform specifics
-* Getting Started guides link was broke. Fix.
-* Make "cmd" executed more readable.
-* CB-6141 Fix Windows 8 tests
-* Use smarter BOM-skipping logic when parsing XML.
-* CB-6357 platform check - install each platform to determine working + version number
-* CB-6357 platform: provide exports for functions
-* CB-6357 platform: Refactor into distinct functions
-* CB-6338 Improve error for missing template
-* CB-6337 Print nice error when cordova-cli hits various expected things
-* This closes #147
-* CB-6267 Windows8. Apply BackgroundColor from config.xml
-* CB-6338 Improve error for missing template
-* CB-6030 - Automatically increment port for serve when default is in use
-* CB-6337 Print nice error when cordova-cli hits various expected things
-* CB-6323 Fix harmless typo in superspawn (cmd -> c)
-* CB-6323 Fix superspawn's resolve function on windows (was very broken)
-* CB-6306 Error creating project when path to project includes spaces
-* Tweak error message when hooks fail (wasn't showing correct command)
-* [CB-6296] callback/promise interface implemented
-* [CB-6293] additional tests for run command
-* [CB-6292] tests for build function's dual return method
-* updated jasmine dependency for timing
-* CB-6211 'cordova info' command fixed for Windows platform
-* Fix prepare command from hiding failures.
-* Fix ConfigParser.getPreference error + tests
-* CB-6209 Uplevel changes from android_parser to amazon_fireos_parser Added orientation related
config changes from android_parser.
-* CB-6147 Enable CLI and Plugman with npm shrinkwrap
-* When searchpath is specified in config and CLI, merge them.
-* Add --searchpath to help.txt
-* Fix node-style-callbacks form of the CLI api not passing through results.
+Initial release v0.21.1 (picks up from the same version number as plugman was).
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