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Subject [2/2] git commit: [CB-5197] Updated version and for release 3.1.0-0.2.0
Date Tue, 29 Oct 2013 00:36:35 GMT
[CB-5197] Updated version and for release 3.1.0-0.2.0


Branch: refs/heads/master
Commit: 9bd254d036bca0353f7bf4ca23ee300be8057806
Parents: 84aed63
Author: Steven Gill <>
Authored: Mon Oct 28 17:10:06 2013 -0700
Committer: Steven Gill <>
Committed: Mon Oct 28 17:10:06 2013 -0700

---------------------------------------------------------------------- | 77 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 77 insertions(+)
diff --git a/ b/
index ba52fd6..d72e1b8 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -20,6 +20,83 @@
 # Cordova-cli changelog
+## 3.1.0-0.2.0
+* increased version of plugman to 0.14.0 in package.json
+* CB-5187: remove unused var os_platform
+* CB:5187 on node  windows broken compile, emulate, run
+* [CB-4976] Don't symlink into ~/.cordova/lib for local libs
+* [CB-5142] improve grammar of emulate description
+* [CB-5147] emulate needs a space before error message
+* CB-5125 add tests for chil process spawn
+* CB-5125: replace child process exec with spawn
+* CB-4748: Fail quickly if dir passed to cordova create is not empty.
+* CB-5106: removed flood of cp error messages when running tests
+* CB-5106:[wp7] fixed broken wp7 tests
+* CB-5106:[win8] fixed tests for windows 8
+* Using .find to grab visualelements instead
+* CB-5066: fixed issue with visual elements not being referenced correctly
+* windows8: remove debug console.log
+* windows8: fixed project parser issue, and updated tests
+* Update tests for commit d1c8024: update_project() should not call update_www() directly
+* begin firefoxos tests
+* CB-5066: dealing with windows8 issues
+* config.xml helper function is used, removed error merge of wp folder.
+* CB-5066: continuing merge of windows 8 stuff
+* CB-5066: merged in windows 8 support into master from cordova-3.1.x
+* config.xml helper function is used, removed error merge of wp folder.
+* CB-5066: continuing merge of windows 8 stuff
+* CB-5066: merged in windows 8 support into master from cordova-3.1.x
+* CB-2234 Add 'cordova info' command
+* CB-4774: Copy www assets before running plugin prepare
+* cordova help should return a Q. fixes CB-5070
+* updated to a version greater than our latest version on npm
+* added not about platform+os restrictions
+* added myself as a contributor, CB-5042 added info on windows8
+* CB-5067: added exception incase no platform level config.xml or defaults.xml exisit
+* added temp config path for ffos, fixed wp8 config_xml function
+* [CB-4774] Updated prepare flow to make platform config.xml a build output   - Adds a new
method to
+* CB-5032: clarify the help text
+* [CB-4621] Updating run and emulate commands to always provide default options
+* Log requests in cordova serve
+* Make cordova serve ignore dot files.
+* CB-4957: added fix for FFOS
+* Update "cordova serve" to work with promises refactoring
+* [CB-4774] Display proper error if cordova prepare run not in project dir.
+* Fixes a bug where cordova prepare bombs on a config missing a content element   - Changes
an undefi
+* Bumping elementtree version to 0.1.5 to match plugman and support namespaced xml elements
+* Fix cli.js tests broken by --silent change.
+* [CB-4877]: Add basic logging, --silent flag.
+* Fix busted test.
+* First pass
+* [CB-4883]: Graceful handling of lazy loading errors.
+* reapplied change to add event mid build to allow mods to www folder pre_package  aka 775e969f9cc27a
+* Remove two debugger; lines that snuck in.
+* [CB-4604] Execute hooks directly (not .bat files) cross-platform
+* Refactor to use Q.js promises in place of callbacks everywhere.
+* [CB-4837]: Version 3.0.10. Depends on Plugman 0.12.x.
+* Add missing license headers
+* Update repo versions to 3.1.0-rc1
+* Add `cordova update foo` command, with tests. [CB-4777]
+* Add version numbers to `platform ls` output.
+* [CB-4545] support for merges directory on both wp7 & wp8
+* Rename ->
+* Fix expectation for platform ls test, for firefoxos
+* Fix platforms.js: firefoxos.parser
+* CB:4657 added ffos support to cli
+* CB-4657: added staging_dir function to ff parser
+* add default manifest properties for firefox os platform
+* make the firefoxos parser actually build the project
+* change firefoxos link to tarball
+* add firefox platform
+* [CB-4797] Fix a crash on undefined platform in path.
+* [CB-4797] Add missing return statement in cordova serve
+* Fix broken tests due to lazy requiring change.
+* [CB-4797] Change `serve` command to serve platforms keyed off of path component.
+* [CB-4793] Lazily require modules in some places.
+* [CB-4325] Run platform installs in serial instead of in parallel
+* Version updated to 3.0.10-dev
 ## 3.0.10
 Important note: This version targets Cordova version 3.1.0-rc1.

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