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Subject [04/31] git commit: readme changes
Date Tue, 15 Oct 2013 18:39:45 GMT
readme changes


Branch: refs/heads/master
Commit: 0347567e60e0b7c61e984394b65dc498208054d6
Parents: a2a4f3c
Author: David Kemp <>
Authored: Wed Aug 21 10:29:24 2013 -0400
Committer: David Kemp <>
Committed: Tue Oct 15 14:09:25 2013 -0400

---------------------------------------------------------------------- | 19 ++++++++++++++++---
 1 file changed, 16 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
diff --git a/ b/
index 817d370..5730ca0 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -33,17 +33,30 @@
   -  buildslave start slave_common
   -  buildslave start slave_ios
   -  buildslave start slave_android
+- point your browser at http://localhost:8010/waterfall to see the buildbot state
+- point your browser to the couchDB http://localhost:5984/_utils/index.html to look at detailed
test results
 - restart the master with buildbot restart master
 - stop the master with buildbot stop master
+- force a test by clicking on the test link at the top of the buildbot display and then 'force
-- change test, build steps, etc in master.cfg
-- whenever master.cfg changes, you need to restart the master (not slaves)
+- all changes for a local install should only require edits to config.json
+- new platforms, test procedures, build steps, etc in master.cfg which should still be global
+- whenever config.json or master.cfg changes, you need to restart the master (not slaves)
+Buildbot polls all the repositories every few minutes to look for changes. Whenever a change
is detected, those changes trigger one or more build requests. 
+Currently changes to tooling or the test scripts will trigger all tests.
+There are tests for Android and iOS for each of the current release and the master branch.
Tools always build from master.
+The tests use COHO and CLI for as much as possible to ensure that the developer tool chain
is working.
+The release branch test does not build cordova-js, but the master branch test builds it and
uses it in the test run.
 The buildbot master describes the steps to run for tests and which slaves those test should
run on. 
-Slaves can have limits imposed, so slaves that run tests on devices can only run one test
at a time.
+Slaves that run tests on devices can only run one test at a time.
 The common slave can run multiple tests at once.

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