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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Cordova Wiki] Update of "CordovaTranslations" by ldeluca
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2013 15:42:29 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "CordovaTranslations" page has been changed by ldeluca:

added gotchas to look out for and manual tasks to be done for translations

  == Viewing Translations ==
  After the translations have been pulled into the main Apache Cordova branch they can be
viewed here __ __.  Go to the upper-right-hand
corner and select the drop down.  Scrolling to the bottom you will see the new languages that
have been translated.
+ = Manual Steps =
+ Even though the majority of the Crowdin Apache Cordova translations are automated there
are still a few things that need to be manually monitored by our administrators.  
+  1. Headers - Consistency in translation between headers and other linked content
+  1. Code snippets - Marking code snippets as "Do Not Translate"
+ === Headers ===
+ When a header is not consistently translated between pages then a link will appear broken
and it will be impossible for users to view the content.  If, when verifying translated documentation,
a link doesn't appear highlighted and clickable, go through the markdown files and make sure
the translations are consistent for the headers.  It is recommended that the documentation
is built and verified after each crowdin script is ran before contributing the content back
into the main stream.
+ === Code Snippets ===
+ Code snippets should be marked as "Do not translate" which will not allow individual translators
to come in and translate the code snippets.  However, when new code snippets or commands are
entered in the code the administrator will need to come in and mark that new section which
could lead to it going unmarked and manual or automated translations of the code might occur.
 To remedy this, an administrator can go into the code snippet and delete the suggested translation
and mark the phrase as "Do not translate".  
+ Another example is the use of method names, constants, etc. scattered throughout the documentation.
 It is not currently possible for an administrator to mark each of these elements as "Do not
translate", so our proofreaders will need to go through and verify they are not translated
by translators or by the automated translation services.

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