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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Cordova Wiki] Update of "ProcessingPullRequests" by AndrewGrieve
Date Fri, 30 Aug 2013 14:41:55 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

You have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "Cordova Wiki" for change notification.

The "ProcessingPullRequests" page has been changed by AndrewGrieve:

New page:
= Processing Pull Requests =

=== Step 0: ===
 * Ensure you are familiar with CommitterWorkflow.

=== Step 1: Review the change (part 1) ===
 * Ensure that we actually want the change (if unsure, bring it up on the ML)
 * If there is no JIRA issue for the change, create one
   * Ensure the JIRA issue has a link to the pull request
   * Ensure the pull request has a link to the JIRA issue
 * View the user's branch in github and request changes be made (if applicable) by adding
comments in the web interface

=== Step 2: Ensure that they have signed the Contributor Agreement ===
 * For trivial changes, this is not necessary.
 * Find their name on: [[]]
 * If it is not there, direct them to [[]]

=== Step 3: Merge the change ===
Run the following:
git remote add foo git://
git fetch foo
git cherry-pick 5d3e1b6 # For each commit ID in their branch.
git rebase origin/master -i

The last step will let you interactively review the changes being made to master. You should:

 * Squash as many commits as is reasonable together.
 * Re-write commit messages to include JIRA issue numbers in the form [CB-####]

=== Step 4: Check the author ===

git keeps track of the author of commits separately from the committer of the commit.

Typically, both of these values are set to the person submitting the pull request.
After your pull/merge/rebase/whatever work, you may find the values have changed - or not.
What we would typically be looking for is the final commit to have YOU as the committer and
the original author as the author.

You can check these fields with the following command:
git log --pretty=full

If the author is set to YOU, and you'd like to reset it to the original author, you can amend
the commit:

git commit --amend --author=some_author_id_here

=== Step 5: Review the change (part 2) ===
 * You are responsible for testing the changes that push.
 * This includes:
   * All automated tests in mobile-spec
   * Manual tests in mobile-spec that might be affected by the change
   * Platform-specific unit tests (i.e., `cordova-android/test`, `cordova-ios/CordovaLibTests`,
cordova-js: `grunt test`, cordova-plugman: `npm test`)
 * If there is no existing test that exercises your code, add one!
 * If you are writing documentation (i.e., cordova-docs), be aware of the [[|style

=== Step 6: Push the change ===

git push

=== Step 7: Update JIRA ===
 * An Apache bot should have already added a comment to the issue with your commit ID (based
on the CB-1234 being in the commit message).
 * Close the issue, and set the "Fix Version" field.
   * The "Fix Version" field is used for the purpose of Release Notes, and should be set to
the [[VersioningAndReleaseStrategy|CadVer]]

=== Step 8: Final details ===
 * Respond to pull request on github with link to their commit and ask them to close the pull

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