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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Cordova Wiki] Update of "PlatformVersionScripts" by iclelland
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2013 15:16:26 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "PlatformVersionScripts" page has been changed by iclelland:

Added initial platform version script page

New page:
Cordova platforms should have a simple, reliable method to report their version number, for
use by automated tools such as CLI and plugman.

The current method for doing this (supported by Android; support coming for other platforms)
is to have a script in the platform package, under `bin/templates/cordova/version`, which
can be called to report the version number.

Previously, this file would, on some platforms, go through some rather complicated process
to infer the correct version number (such as checking the git hash of the included cordova.js
file). It will be simpler and easier to maintain to have this file simply echo a string constant.

The version number should correspond closely to the git branch. When a release branch is made,
both the branch and the master branch should be updated. The master branch should *always*
have a version number ending in "-dev", which indicates the version currently being developed.
A fresh release branch should change the version to an "-rc1" version, and then change to
the unqualified version number when it is released.

(This constant version number can be updated manually, but *should* eventually be updated
via coho as release branches are made.)

This should give a rough idea how the version number should advance:

  |       |
--A---B---C---D (master)
        \--E---F---G---H (3.2.x)
           |       |   |
          3.2.0-rc1|  3.2.1-rc1

 * A: This is on the master branch, after 3.1.x has been branched, as 3.2 is being developed.
 * B: This is the branch point for 3.2.x
 * C: The first commit after 3.2.x is branched should identify the master branch as 3.3 is
being developed on master now.
 * E: The first commit on the 3.2.x branch should identify the branch as 3.2.0-rc1
 * G: At some point, 3.2.0 is released, and should be identified as such
 * H: After 3.2.0 is released, any further development can be called 3.2.1-rc1

Current support:

||Android       || {*}         ||
||BB10          || {o}         ||
||iOS           || {o}         ||
||OSX           || {o}         ||
||QT            || {o}         ||
||Tizen         || {o}         ||
||WebOS         || {o}         ||
||Win           || {o}         ||
||WP7           || {o}         ||
||WP8           || {o}         ||
||www           || {o}         ||

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