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Subject svn commit: r1513213 - /cordova/site/
Date Mon, 12 Aug 2013 18:11:17 GMT
Author: agrieve
Date: Mon Aug 12 18:11:17 2013
New Revision: 1513213

Added instructions for creating a blog post.


Modified: cordova/site/
--- cordova/site/ (original)
+++ cordova/site/ Mon Aug 12 18:11:17 2013
@@ -69,6 +69,57 @@ How to update the docs
     $ svn commit -m "Add docs version 2.5.0."
+Writing a Blog Post
+**Types of Posts**
+_Announcements_ - releases, call for translators, etc
+_Core Content_ - If the content has to do with cordova-core, or publishing guides, etc.,
we should publish the full text directly on the cordova Blog (by whichever author), as-if
written by the organization.
+_Linked Posts_ - If the content was written by a contributor and is worth curating for the
whole community, but is not really core ie. non-core plugins, dev tips, research, opinion-pieces,
statistics, etc., post a short description, perhaps adding a document-snippet, but then link
to the externally hosted content, making it clearly not written by the organization.
+**How to add a Post**
+Blog posts live in `www/_posts`. To create a new post:
+  1. Copy one of the existing posts into a new file (changing the name appropriately).
+  2. Run `rake serve` in the background.
+  3. Draft your post.
+  4. Get approval (see below)
+  5. Update the file name to reflect the commit date (if necessary)
+  6. Run `rake build`
+  7. svn commit
+**Post guidelines:**
+  * Use the post title as the first header.
+    * Including a header as well makes the snippet on the front page look bad.
+  * Use an appropriate category:
+    * One of: `howto`, `news`, `releases`, `blog` (the catch-all category)
+  * Use appropriate tags:
+    * `android`, `ios`, `windowsphone`, `blackberry`, `plugin`, `plugin-$FOO`, `cli`, `performance`
(add to this list as necessary)
+  * Use `rake serve` to preview your post, and refresh frequently.
+    * Jekyll does a poor job telling you where markdown errors exist.
+  * Review your post yourself before asking for a review. This includes spell-check :).
+**Getting Approval:**
+Each blog post must be approved by at least one committer other than yourself, and must be
available for all to see before going live. To request a review:
+  1. Run: `svn add`
+  2. Run: `post_review` [download page](
+  3. Review it yourself, and also wait for someone to approve it via the `Ship it` button.
+_Alternative steps (if post_review tool fails)_
+  1. Run: `svn diff > new_post.diff`
+  2. Create a new request on
+     a. Point it at your `new_post.diff` file
+     a. Be sure to add the group `cordova`
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