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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Cordova Wiki] Update of "ReportingBugs" by FilMaj
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2013 23:18:51 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "ReportingBugs" page has been changed by FilMaj:

Added details on creating top-level issues with subtasks

- Users who file issues with us are a very important part in keeping this project alive and
relevant, so thank you!
+ = Filing an issue on JIRA =
- We use [[|JIRA]] to capture and schedule bugs and
tasks for Apache Cordova. We ask the reporter please ensure they provide as much detail as
possible. This includes:
+ We use [[|JIRA]] to track bugs, and thus you will
need an account with [[|JIRA]]!
+ Cordova has as a goal to be relevant on mobile platforms, and thus we prioritize bugs that
are reproducible on real devices over emulators. If you are filing an issue that is device-specific,
please provide as much information about the hardware as possible!
-   * operating system (including version)
-   * device and manufacturer
-   * any logs files
-   * expected behaviour vs actual result
- Providing a reproducible test case would be great, if you can.
- You will need an account with Apache JIRA.
  When you go to Create an Issue, you will be presented with a dialog with a bunch of forms.
The important ones to fill out are:
@@ -25, +18 @@

   * Environment: if you have any additional details about your machine's environment (OS,
version, etc.), please provide it here.
   * Description: be as in-depth as you need to be. If you are unsure if you should provide
code, you probably should provide code. Remember, any committer or contributor tackling your
issue needs to a) reproduce the problem, b) write a test for it, c) write a patch, and d)
check that the test passes. The more information you can provide, the better. If you want
to take it to a next level, provide a test, screenshots, or any other additional information
that can make going through a), b), c) and d) easier.
+ = Filing an API Addition or New Feature =
+ The spirit of the Cordova project is platform-agnostic. As such, when introducing new features,
it is important to consider all platforms that are part of the Cordova family. Understandably,
not all contributors have the time, resources or equipment to effectively test and implement
new features across the several+ platforms Cordova supports. The middle ground, then, is to
keep track of which features have landed in which platforms. The Cordova project does so via
the issue tracker. JIRA allows for filing issues with sub-issues. Thus, to track a complex
feature such as this, file a top-level issue and create sub-tasks for:
+  * Documentation
+  * Test(s) (mobile-spec)
+  * cordova-cli integration, if applicable
+  * All platforms related to the issue (try to include as many as possible), with the core
ones being:
+   * Android
+   * BlackBerry (10)
+   * iOS
+   * FirefoxOS
+   * Windows Phone 7
+   * Windows Phone 8
+   * Windows 8
+   * Optionally, "less" mainstream platforms such as Bada, Tizen, QT, and webOS.

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