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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Build dependencies issue with 1.4.1
Date Mon, 06 May 2013 16:09:12 GMT
Sorry for the delayed response, I thought I had seen a reply to this already.

The likely changes I can see would be:

I don't think this was intentional though - could you file an issue?

Continuum 1.4 put quite a bit more emphasis on distributed build. Have you tried using that?
Even if it runs on the same server, you might like to try setting up some build agents - the
grouping they afford gives much more capability than the parallel build option does.


On 10/04/2013, at 3:07 AM, Philippe Busque <> wrote:

> Hello,
> In January, we upgraded Continuum from version 1.3.8 to 1.4.1.  This helped solve one
major issue we had with Continuum: speed due to permission pollution.
> However, we've been getting more and more report from our developer than their change
weren't in the daily build.  After investigation, we noticed that the build queue has changed
since 1.3.8.
> We have many project group. Each group contains a series of project that are dependant
to each other.
> In 1.3.8,  when a scheduled build was triggered, Continuum would process each group,
render the dependency and enqueue the builds in a unique queue per group.
> So group A would go in queue 1, group B in queue 2, group C in queue 1 and so on. We
had 6 build queues and everything was built in order.
> Since 1.4.1, we noticed the project were build out of order, more likely due to the fact
that various project in groups were build into different queue. So project  A that depend
on B who depend on C could be compiled with an older copy of C because it got queued after
B and B compiled much faster than C.
> Is there a way to restore the old way for queueing behaviour? Or enable parallel build
based on group rather than project?
> Our current workaround is to lower the parallel build from 6 to 1, but this apply to
EVERY group, so there's only 1 queue to build over 500 projects. This slow down compilation
> Thanks for any advice or suggestion.
> --
> Philippe Busque
> 1111, rue St-Charles Ouest,
> Tour Est, bureau 255
> Longueuil (Québec) Canada J4K 5G4
> Tél. : 450-449-0102 ext. 3017
> Télec. : 450-449-8725
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Brett Porter

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