Hello Continuum people,
We are in the beginning stages of upgrading our Continuum version to 1.3.8.  I am trying to add an Ant project, with the Ant build filename defined as Quartz/build.xml.
After clicking save, I get an error that says "Build file contains invalid characters."  (The screen also changes to show the error on POM filename, which is a bit confusing.)
After doing some Googling, I saw a piece of code in the ContinuumServiceImpl class that appears to validate the build file name with this regular expression: private static final String BUILD_DEFINITION_BUILD_FILE_VALID_EXPRESSION = "[A-Za-z0-9_.\\-]*";
This is how our projects are defined in our current version of Continuum, and fits our ant project structures.  Does anyone know why a slash or backslash is no longer accepted? 
Thanks for your help,
Chris Montgomery - chrismontgomery@bc.com
Boise Cascade - Applications Development
208 384-6027