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Subject No build executors defined
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2011 11:15:45 GMT
Dear list, 

I am trying to upgrade an existing and working continuum 1.2.3 install towards 1.3.6. To do
this, I have followed the upgrade procedure (
to the letter. When starting the new continuum, all projects are there, but I cannot build
anything. All projects fail with this error: 

org.codehaus.plexus.taskqueue.execution.TaskExecutionException: Error executing action 'execute-builder'

at org.apache.maven.continuum.buildcontroller.DefaultBuildController.performAction(


at org.apache.maven.continuum.buildcontroller.BuildProjectTaskExecutor.executeTask(

at org.apache.continuum.taskqueueexecutor.ParallelBuildsThreadedTaskQueueExecutor$ExecutorRunnable$




Caused by: org.apache.maven.continuum.ContinuumException: No such executor: 'maven2'. 
at org.apache.maven.continuum.execution.manager.DefaultBuildExecutorManager.getBuildExecutor(

at org.apache.maven.continuum.core.action.ExecuteBuilderContinuumAction.execute(

at org.apache.maven.continuum.buildcontroller.DefaultBuildController.performAction(

... 8 more 

This probably means the executors map in DefaultBuildExecutorManager is empty. When starting
continuum, it even warns me there are no executors available: 
2011-02-02 11:33:59,652 [WrapperSimpleAppMain] WARN org.apache.maven.continuum.execution.manager.DefaultBuildExecutorManager
- No build executors defined. 

I thought this had something to with the migration, but the same warning appears when doing
a fresh (= empty data folders) install. This warning appears in 1.3.6 and I even tried 1.3.5,
same thing. In 1.4.0 I don't get this warning. 

There is even a Unit test in your continuum-core, throwing the same exception as the one mentioned
above (PrepareBuildProjectsTaskExecutorTest), which I find very disturbing. 

Can someone please help me getting Continuum 1.3.6 alive? 



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