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From <>
Subject RE: Can't see SCM and dependencies changes report
Date Wed, 04 Aug 2010 13:04:17 GMT
Wao, you are the men!
Indeed this was a problem of configuration. I've tried without checking
force checkout and it goes right !

I've looked your link and well it is not clearly written that the report
will not be avaiable but it is logic.

Thanks again


-----Original Message-----
From: Emmanuel Venisse [] 
Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 2010 2:55 PM
Subject: Re: Can't see SCM and dependencies changes report

ok, I found the "problem"

2010-08-04 14:20:49,494 [pool-7-thread-1] INFO
org.apache.maven.continuum.scm.queue.PrepareBuildProjectsTaskExecutor  -
Performing action checkout-project
2010-08-04 14:20:49,494 [pool-7-thread-1] INFO  action#checkout-project
- Checking out project: 'mrteGest', id: '24' to 'C:\Program
2010-08-04 14:20:49,572 [pool-7-thread-1] INFO
org.apache.continuum.scm.manager.Slf4jScmLogger  - Executing: cmd.exe /X
/C "svn --non-interactive checkout file:///C:/temp/svn_repository_collab

For your build, you run a checkout instead of an update. If it isn't the
first build, I assume you use the "fresh build" option for your build
definition [1]. With a checkout, Continuum doesn't populate scm changes
because it doesn't have a reference to use to find changes.

Except for some cases, I consider the usage of this option as a bad
practice. Your build will be more fluent without it and Continuum will
build your projects only if it find changes in them, not all the time.


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