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From Wendy Smoak <>
Subject Re: how to set continuum build fresh <check out frm svn>
Date Mon, 05 Jul 2010 13:34:02 GMT
> Thanks for the reply and info, but I'm still a little not clear, as you said
> Continuum do not have the feature to build and keep the war in historical
> order, however you said IME the numbered directory corresponds to the
> project id, meaning Continuum allows the build project (war file) to be
> stored in numbered folder. Do Continuum allow the existing numbered folder
> with war remain as it is even after a new trigger to build the war?

In 1.3.x, When you add a project to Continuum, it is assigned a
number, which you see in the url and under the working-copy directory.

In my experience, that number doesn't change, there is only one
working copy, and successive builds simply overwrite the contents, (or
delete and re-create them).

Then there is a separate set of directories for the build results, but
Continuum doesn't currently put the built files there, just the text
build output.

So Continuum itself doesn't have a feature to save your war file, but
I imagine it wouldn't be that hard to do in Ant by adding a copy
command to your build and copying the war to a known location on the

While reviewing the thread I noticed you mentioned using 1.2.3 in your
original email.  If things aren't matching up, it's because I'm
talking about 1.3.x  -- I don't remember how 1.2.3 worked, it was too
long ago.


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