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From Sandeep Poreddy <>
Subject RE: Email notifiers
Date Wed, 21 Jul 2010 14:09:22 GMT
1)Yes, I added the notifier from the UI.
2) I use maven build and have the notifier defined for the latest committers in the pom.xml.

The latest committers get the email notifications. Also, the email I specified in the continuum
UI receives email notifications for build failure/error  but also for success even though
I have not checked it.

Is there a way to  set this up in the pom?	


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From: murali mohan [] 
Sent: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 7:23 AM
Subject: Re: Email notifiers

Not sure. But a few questions:

1) Did you add the notifier from continuum UI?
2) Do you use maven build? If yes, then do you have notifier defined in the
POM file?

May be continuum is using the notifier properties in the POM file?


On Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 11:31 PM, Sandeep Poreddy <> wrote:

> I have a question, I've been trying to send email updates on build
> failure/error on Continuum to my manager. I've added the notifier for the
> project in the continuum by specifying the email id and checked send on
> failure and send on error.  Now, he does get email updates not only for
> error/failure but also on build success. I confirmed that send on success is
> not checked for the notifier. How do I avoid emails upon build success?
> Thanks,
> Sandeep

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