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From sk07 <>
Subject Re: how to set continuum build fresh <check out frm svn>
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2010 04:17:50 GMT

Wendy Smoak-3 wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 3:02 AM, sk07 <> wrote:
>> say i build a war file from a trunk for a project n name it as Project
>> 1-snapshot version 1. n the project go live. when there is enhancement,
>> developer make necessary changes n update the svn repo. now, for next
>> release i can trigger to build the file again. how to keep existing war
>> file
>> build via continuum and new war file which will get build by triggering
>> the
>> build button in continuum? is the a way where i can make a new project
>> name,
>> example Project 1 - snapshot 2 in continuum? getting same project with
>> different version (diff war file)? or the only way is i manually moved
>> the
>> existing war file to a folder, only then trigger build via continuum?
> It sounds like you are not yet deploying your artifacts to a remote
> repository.  That's where you normally store releases when using
> Maven.  Take a look at Apache Archiva for a repository manager (but
> you can start with a simple filesystem.)  At a minimum, set
> <distributionManagement> in your project pom and change the build
> definition to "clean deploy".
> There is also a release process built into Maven and Continuum that
> will tag your svn repository and change the version numbers for you.
> Is the requirement really to put the old releases under version
> control (in svn) or just to keep them around?
> -- 
> Wendy

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for the reply. I'm using the build.xml, ant engine. In that case, I
need to ask the developer to configure the build.xml (configuration file
which buil the war file) to have define the filesystem to the war can be
stored in version? And I do not want to change it to clean deploy, because
deployment will be done by my superior. All I want is continuumm build and
keep the war in versions (in historical order, maybe the last including the
later war file).

The reason being is we can revert back to old war, by deploying the old war
file if needed. Dont think wants to tag the svn because that would be hassle
for developer.

Any idea how to do this?

Thanks Wendy.


 right now whenever i trigger build.xml to build war file the war get build
at the following directory

its creates folder by number (1,2) under the working-directory folder and
war being stored there.
however, each time when i trigger, a new war being created and the folder
(numbering) get incremented but the previous folder is missing, guess it

example, when 1st trigger the war file stored in folder '1', 2nd time
triggering it, it will then created folder '2' with war file in it but I
believe the previous folder '1' gets removed or deleted in the process
because i dont see it anymore after triggerring it 2nd time.

please advide.


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