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From Dennis Lundberg <>
Subject Re: Does distributed build really work?
Date Wed, 24 Feb 2010 20:48:06 GMT
On 2010-02-24 06:28, Marica Tan wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 5:54 AM, Dennis Lundberg <> wrote:
>> Hi
>> We've got Continuum 1.3.5 set up properly on Red Hat EL4 now, with all
>> projects building successfully. Next we wanted to turn on distributed
>> build to have some projects built on Windows build agents.
>> The local repo for a build agent running on the console on Windows ends
>> up in C:\root\.m2\repository. This is an odd place for it since there is
>> no user called "root". Is this configurable somehow? Perhaps a better
>> default value should be used when running on Windows.
> The default local repo is taken from the settings.xml.

Is that ${user.home}\.m2\settings.xml for the user running the build agent?

> Instead of using the Default local repository, you can create a new one with
> the correct value for windows and use it in your project group.

Do you mean in the web UI of the Continuum master?

>> Is it possible to add a settings.xml file for the build agent? We tried
>> putting it in C:\root\.m2\ as well as ${user.home}\.m2 of the user
>> running the build agent. Neither seems to works.
> Putting it in ${USER_HOME}/.m2 should work. Is there a settings.xml in your
> ${M2_HOME}/conf?

Don't know I'll have to check. I don't have access to that machine right
now. At least we know where to out the file now, thanks.

>> Are installations mapped between the master and the build agents? i.e.
>> should the installations have the same name on both master and agents.
>> How does the agent know which installations to use?
> Installations in the build environment configured in the project will be
> used by the build agent.

But the build agent might not have the same installations as the master
installed on its machine or perhaps it must. I'm probably
misunderstanding how this works. I'll try with an example:

Master installations:
Java 1.5
Maven 2.0.10

Build Agent installations:
Java 1.6
Maven 2.2.1

How is the build agent supposed to use the installations configured in
the master? In the example above, the installations defined on the
master don't exist on the build agent. Neither configured nor installed.

Are the names of the installations of the build environment sent from
the master to the build agents?

>> As I said initially we had everything up and running nicely, until we
>> turned on distributed builds. When we turned it on all builds were
>> directed to the single configured build agent, even though only one
>> project had been configured to use the use the "Windows Build
>> Environment" that we had configured to hook up to the Build Agent Group.
>> All projects failed, except the one that was configured to use the build
>> agent. The build message was a single line of text in Swedish, the
>> locale of the Build Agent's Windows OS. Freely translated it said
>> "Cannot find the path". When we turn off distributed builds things are
>> back to normal again and the projects build successfully on the Red Hat
>> master again.
> Do you have another build agent intended for your other projects?
> If the other projects are not configured with a build environment hook up to
> a build agent group (which specify where they should build), then they will
> be directed to any available build agent.

All out projects have a configured build environment. We want some of
the projects [W] to be built on a Windows machine, while the rest [L]
should be built on the Continuum master running on Linux.

We configured some projects [W] to use a Windows build environment which
has a build agent group consisting of 1 Windows machine.

The rest of the projects [L] use the same build environment that they
used before we turned on distributed builds. It is not connected to any
build agent group. Its build environment consists of installations on
the Continuum master.

Do we need to install and configure a build agent on the master as well?
And configure the rest of the projects [L] to use a build environment
that is connected to a build agent group consisting of that (master)
build agent?

>> Has anyone else experienced this? Is just a configuration mistake on our
>> part or is it a bug? Let me know if you want me to create JIRAs for this.
>> --
>> Dennis Lundberg
> Thanks,
> --
> Marica

Dennis Lundberg

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