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From dbruley <>
Subject Re: Best Practices/Correct Use of Build Definitions and Templates
Date Tue, 17 Nov 2009 16:14:37 GMT

Hello all,

Just wanted to follow-up and see if anyone might be able to offer any
insight on this topic.  Even if you're on 1.3.x I would still be interested
in your thoughts as I'm sure at least some of it would apply to 1.2.3 and if
nothing else it would be good info to have when we upgrade in the future.

I think through experimenting I have an idea of what I could do, but I just
want to make sure it's what I should do!

Thanks in advance,


dbruley wrote:
> Hello,
> This is probably a newbie question, but I have a few questions on the
> correct/intended use of Build Definitions and Build Definition Templates
> in Continuum 1.2.3.  We're developing our plan to upgrade to 1.2.3 from
> 1.0.3 and want to make sure we're taking full advantage of what 1.2.3
> offers.
> Reading the documentation and articles on the web, I've created different
> build definitions and build definition templates.  If I add a Maven 2.0
> project, I see where I can choose the build definition template I would
> like to use.  That all makes sense.  
> Where I am a little less clear is what happens/should happen when I create
> a new group.  It seems that it uses the predefined "Default Maven 2
> Template".  It also seems that the build definition for the group is
> listed under the Available Build Definitions section when I click "Build
> Definitions Template", so if I don't rename the group's definition, there
> will be two entries with a description of "Default Maven 2 Build
> Definition".
> So a few questions:
> 1) If we want all new groups to have by default an additional goal, let's
> say site:site, is it acceptable to modify the predefined "Default Maven 2
> Build Definition" used by the Default Maven 2 Template.
> 2) Or, should we modify the Default Maven 2 Template removing the Default
> Maven 2 Build Definition from Used Build Definitions and adding a
> definition we define.
> 3) Since it seems that the build definition for a group is added to the
> table of build defintions, is it correct to assume that it is good
> practice to change the description to reference the build definition for
> that group to avoid seeing multiple listings with a description of
> "Default Maven 2 Build Definition"
> 4) If we remove the group level build definition, what is used when we do
> a Build All Projects in that group?
> Are there any other words of wisdom anyone has to offer?
> Thanks in advance for any clarification or advice you can offer, I
> appreciate the help.
> Dave

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