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From Arnaud X Dostes <>
Subject Notification to last committers are case sensitive
Date Mon, 12 Oct 2009 11:20:23 GMT
Hello users,

Continuum is case sensitive when matching <developers> defined in the pom.xml and svn
committers. Here's what happened :

I setup my continuum to notify a global list and the latest committers in case of a build
failure and I defined relevant users in my pom.xml. 
Unfortunatly, my svn server does not check for case in the username when code is checked in.

Meaning I can check in like this :
svn ci --username=Arnaud --password=mypass
svn ci --username=arnaud --password=mypass

In the SVN log, I'll have 2 entries, one with 'Arnaud' and one with 'arnaud' as the committer.

In my pom.xml file, I am defined like this :


Apparently continuum checks for case when sending notifications to latest committers, because
I'll get an email if I checked in with username 'Arnaud' but not if I commit with username

I see several ways I can fix this, I'd like to know which will work/is best

1/ <id>arnaud,Arnaud</id> but I doubt this will work, and if it did, I can still
commit using arNaud reproducing the issue
2/ define 2 <developer>, one with Arnaud and one with arnaud, but that's tacky on many
levels and we have 100 or so committers.
3/ make my svn server case sensitive, but I have no control on the svn server (and all the
current users will get kicked out because their svn credential cache will be stale)
4/ Is it possible to configure continuum to be case insensitive when matching latest committers
? That would be the preferred option.

Best regards,

svn server : 1.4
continuum : 1.7.6 

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