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From George Snyder <>
Subject Re: Distributed Builds Always Use Same Agent
Date Fri, 02 Oct 2009 16:17:29 GMT

I narrowed down the symptoms a bit.  My new observation is:

If a Build Environment specifies a Build Agent Group but NO Installations,
then associated Build Definitions run on some other Build Agent.

(This seems consistent with CONTINUUM-2349, which mentions creating a Build
Environment, but does not mention an Installation).

Workaround: Add at least one Installation to each Build Environment which
specifies a Build Agent Group.

(We have been using Continuum 1.1 for a couple of years with no need for
Installations or Profiles.  For the workaround, I added a "Maven 2" path,
since we have it in the same place on all machines).

It seems odd to require Installations for distributed builds.  The
corresponding paths are defined in the build agent's
'continuum-buildagent.xml'.  The dialog for creating an Installation seems
to require that "Tool" paths exist on the master, which may be different. 
(The dialog does not seem to check environment variable paths, so presumably
one could set JAVA_HOME instead of a JDK).

(This is my first encounter with this area in Continuum, so I may not be
understanding it completely).

I submitted CONTINUUM-2380 for the documentation.

-- George Snyder

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